Srixon has unveiled new, forgiving ZX4 irons as well as the new ZX Utility iron. Find out all the details...

Srixon ZX4 Irons Revealed

Sitting alongside the new ZX5 and ZX7 irons, Srixon has added to the ZX range with the ZX4 iron and ZX utility iron.

The new ZX4 irons are a fully hollow set created to bring forgiveness to the Srixon iron line up while maintaining the brand’s signature look and forged feel.

Srixon ZX4 Irons Revealed

From the short to the long-irons, the hollow construction aids forgiveness across the face. High-density tungsten in the head helps with launch too by lowering the centre of gravity in the long and mid-irons.

The ZX4 also has a forged HT1770 Steel face which is strong and light, whilst the 431 Steel body helps absorb vibrations for softer feel.

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Srixon ZX4 Irons Revealed

Srixon’s new MainFrame technology is also part of the design. This technology is a variable thickness pattern made up of grooves, channels and cavities, and is milled into the backside of each ZX4 face.

This is designed to increase ball speed on every shot by maximising COR (Coefficient of Restitution) for greater distance.

Srixon’s engineering team used artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop the unique face pattern, with computers running thousands of simulations before settling on the fastest design.

The Tour V.T. Sole then gives the ZX4 smoother turf interaction and impact feel by gliding nicely through the turf even if the contact is heavy.

Like all ZX irons, ZX4 also feature the resurgence of Srixon’s popular sole notches. Used by professional tour players, these heel and toe notches are designed to enhance iron workability without sacrificing forgiveness.

The ZX4 Irons officially launch in the UK & Ireland on the 20th March 2021 with an RRP of £899 (6-piece steel 5-PW) in steel and £999 (6-piece graphite 5-PW) in graphite.

To go along with the ZX4 irons, Srixon has also unveiled the ZX Utility iron which has already found its way into the bags of some Tour players like Shane Lowry.

The new design is smaller, more compact, and more blade-like compared to the outgoing Z U85 model, and yet does not compromise on forgiveness.

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This forgiveness comes from the fully hollow construction, combined with tungsten placed in the base of each iron which lowers the centre of gravity to promote a higher launch.

This utility has a forged SUP10 face for enhanced speed and distance while a forged 1020 Carbon Steel body absorbs vibrations for extremely soft feel.

Much like the ZX4 irons, the ZX Utility also has the MainFrame technology on the backside for more speed and distance.

The Srixon ZX Utility has an RRP of £199 in steel and £209 in graphite.