PowaKaddy update FreeWay trolleys for 2015

The PowaKaddy FreeWay trolleys are being updated for 2015, with new developments like larger wheels and reshaped frames

PowaKaddy Freeway trolleys
The PowaKaddy FW3 and FW5 have both undergone updates for 2015

The PowaKaddy FreeWay trolleys are being updated for 2015, with new developments including larger wheels and reshaped frames

PowaKaddy has announced it is making a series of upgrades to its popular 2014 PowaKaddy FreeWay trolleys.

Looking to build on a fantastic 2014, which saw its sales increase by 45 per cent, the electric trolley brand is introducing a raft of enhancements for 2015.

These include larger 11” wheels with low-profile tyres so the trolleys run more smoothly over uneven ground.

A completely redesigned front wheel across each model will also update the stylish and sporty look.

The lightweight and small folding PowaFrame has also been reshaped in order to allow the handle to be raised an inch, which will enhance use for taller golfers.

PowaKaddy FW7

The new PowaKaddy FW7, which will retail at £399

A final improvement has been achieved by refining the frame’s latches to aid smoother operation and even faster folding.

As with the 2014 models, the Plug ‘n’ Play battery system remains to give you an easy way to use a lighter and more compact lithium battery.

Telling GM about the new 2015 line, PowaKaddy sales manager David Howse said: “The Freeway family was one of our most successful launches in recent times and the changes that we have made have improved both the appearance and the functionality of the range, which will make it even more appealing to the consumer.”

PowaKaddy FW7 EBS

The new look PowaKaddy FW7 EBS trolley

PowaKaddy FW3 - From £299

New larger wheels with low-profile tyres sit on the lightweight PowaFrame, which has a simple three-way folding mechanism. The Plug ‘n’ Play Battery System removes the requirement for fiddly connectors, while the ambidextrous control sits on a soft touch T-Bar grip. Other features include a power on/off LED indicator, a locking base and bungee straps to keep your bag secure. The FW3 comes in Polar White or Classic Black.

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PowaKaddy FW5 - From £349

The FW5 model has many of the same features like the new 11" wheels and improved PowaFrame. It also has an integrated USB point for charging mobile phones and GPS devices, plus a function that lets you send the trolley 15, 30 or 45 yards down the fairway. The FW5 comes in Polar White or Classic Black.

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PowaKaddy FW7 and FW7 EBS - From £399

Like the other FreeWay models, the FW7 and FW7 EBS have new larger wheels and a new frame design, plus the Plug ‘n’ Play Battery System and ambidextrous control. They also have the USB charging port and the Automatic Distance Function.

Extra features on the FW7 and FW7 EBS include a speed display and distance measurement function, a security pin that locks the trolley until you need to use it, and, in the EBS model, PowaKaddy’s exclusive Electronic Braking System, where three levels of progressive braking help with downhill stretches or steep inclines.

The FW7 and FW7 EBS come in a Titanium Silver frame with the choice of Carbon Graphite or Brushed Silver trim.

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