Paul O'Hagan gives his verdict on a new electric trolley with his PowaKaddy FW7 review

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Powakaddy FW7 electric trolley review


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Above, Paul O’Hagan gives his verdict on a new product with his PowaKaddy FW7 electric trolley review.

Some of the features of the FW7 electric trolley are listed below:

– Combines modern engineering, contemporary design and cutting-edge digital functionality
– Wide array of user-friendly digital technology, displayed on the integrated full-colour LCD widescreen
– Soft touch T-Bar with function buttons
– Trolley can be sent variable distances from 5 – 50 yards
– A specific Speed Display and Distance Measurement
– Competition Mode removes features banned in competition
– PowaKaddy’s most advanced electric trolley to date
– Anti-Tamper security pin lock automatically locks the trolley until use is required
– All other features as listed with PowaKaddy FW5

Available in: Titanium Silver frame with the choice of Carbon Fibre or Brushed Silver trim

SRP: £445 (standard battery); £480 (extended range battery); £610 (lithium battery); £655 (extended range lithium battery).

Also available with: PowaKaddy’s exclusive Electronic Breaking System (£670 standard lithium; £725 extended lithium battery) which employs three levels of progressive breaking for downhill stretches or steep inclines.

Although the last PowaKaddy range was solid, it was a little uninspiring. However, the new FW products offer much more in terms of performance and visual appeal. Both the Lead-Acid and Lithium batteries are now more user-friendly and stylish. The Lithium battery tested did a good job of coping with hilly ground. The sleek frame on the FW7 is stable and easy to steer, while the screen and handle design is smarter, and the power control is now suitable for right and left-handed golfers
If you don’t feel you’ll get the use out of the added extras on the FW7, the cheaper FW5 and FW3 models may suit. The FW3 with a Lithium battery, for example, is a great-looking trolley at an affordable price.
The PowaKaddy FW7 trolley was very easy to use and control. The Lithium Plug ‘n’ Play battery was effortless to install, and once the trolley was assembled, its new digital screen was clear and precise. The ability to charge a GPS device is also a welcome addition if you’re someone who uses a GPS. If the reliability is as good as the trolley, then PowaKaddy has a winner.