We take a look at what the Irishman puts in his bag.

Padraig Harrington Whats In The Bag?

What does the three-time Major winner put into his bag each week out on Tour? We take a look below.

For his driver, the Irishman had been using a TaylorMade M2 but has recently swapped that out for a new TaylorMade SiM.

Currently he has 15 clubs in the bag and changes them week by week. He interchanges his woods and his strong C300 hybrid which he says is “very powerful and more for links golf. I found this (the hybrid), a bit too powerful for US parkland golf. You know you’re hitting this 250 in the air which is too strong for the par-3’s and its a little bit of low flight, perfect for links golf.

Using his TaylorMade wood (Getty Images)

Shifting to the irons he uses a Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 4-iron which he says is “probably my favourite club in the bag, love this club. It works very nicely I hit this 230 in the air in nice conditions.”

He then plays a C300 Forged 5-iron followed by FG Tour V6 irons which he says “are beautiful irons, lovely feel.”

In the wedges he uses FG Tour PMP’s with 48, 52 and 56 degrees of loft. However the 56 has been bent to 57 degrees despite the writing on the club head.

Additionally, whilst acknowledging it may not be a regular club to the bag, Harrington uses a TaylorMade Hi-Toe 60 degree wedge which is a copy of his Ping i2.

Finally his putter is a Wilson Staff Infinite Southside with a SuperStroke Pistol GT 2.0 grip on it.

Harrington using a Wilson Staff putter (Getty Images)

“The putter, every body asks me about this putter. They think i’ve had it 20 years but its 3 years old. They make a lovely putter, very standard, no gimmicks in this, its just a real putter. I have only used about six putter in 22 years, this putter, its a solid putter and if I miss a putt, its me. I know what my putter does and I like that consistency.”

Padraig Harrington Whats In The Bag?

Driver: Taylormade SiM 8.5 degrees, Accra Tour Zx455 M5 shaft.

Woods: TaylorMade M4 15 degrees, TaylorMade M4 Tour 18 degrees, Accra Concept series 380 shaft

Hybrid: Wilson Staff C300 hybrid 17 degrees, Accra Tour Zx Hybrid M5 shaft.

Utility Iron: Wilston Staff FG Tour V4 (4-iron), Accra Tour Zx Hybrid M5 shaft

Irons: Wilston Staff C300 Forged 5-iron, KBS Tour-V 125 TX shaft, Wilston Staff FG Tour V6 (6-9), KBS Tour-V 125 TX shaft

Wedges: Wilston Staff FG Tour PMP, 48, 52 and 56 degrees (bent to 57), KBS Tour-V 125 TX shaft, TaylorMade Hi-TOE 60 degrees

Putter: Wilson Staff Infinite Southside, SuperStroke Pistol GT 2.0 grip

Ball: Titleist Pro V1x.

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