Odyssey Lucky 777 limited edition putter unveiled

Odyssey Lucky 777
The new Odyssey Lucky 777 putter
(Image credit: Andrew Schlotterlein)

Odyssey has unveiled a limited edition Odyssey Lucky 777 putter to celebrate the continued global success of its iconic #7 model

Odyssey has unveiled a limited edition Odyssey Lucky 777 putter to celebrate the continued global success of its iconic #7 model.

Only 777 have been made, with 77 set to be available in Europe.

Its release underlines the importance of the distinctive mallet design, which has been a leading money-maker on global tours for almost a decade, and is currently still used by some of the best golfers in the world, including Swede Henrik Stenson and former world number one Luke Donald.

“The #7 is quickly earning a place as one of the best putters ever designed,” Austie Rollinson, Odyssey’s principal designer, told GM. “So for this special line of #7s, we’re coming out with some looks and options no one has ever seen before in this model.”

The limited edition Odyssey Lucky 777 putters will feature a unique Copper Rose finish and a one-off gold PVD Fusion RX insert.

There will also be a casino-themed aluminum sole plate that allows for the removal of weight for maximum adjustability and fine-tuned performance.

Odyssey Lucky 777 putter

The limited edition Odyssey Lucky 777 putter is available at £429 and will come in three unique hosel options:

These include CH - Crank hosel with crank joint; SB - single bend look with slant joint; and CS - centre-shafted.

It wil have the same high MOI design as the standard Odyssey #7, which reduces twisting on off-centre strikes, with weighted alignment wings that make it incredibly forgiving and easy to align.

It will also come complete with a Black Tour Pistol Grip, Lucky 777 themed headcover (below left) and Lucky 777 themed weight set (below right).

Odyssey Lucky 777

The weight set gives you the ability to alter the head weight between 340g, 350g or 360g, so you can match putting conditions and your personal feel preference.

Neil Howie, managing director and president of Callaway EMEA, added: “This putter will give a select few golfers the opportunity to own a product that not only looks incredible, but is very rare too and will become a collector’s item. This Lucky 777 is definitely one for the golfing connoisseur who understands what this putter has meant to the game.”

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