Mizuno MP-20 Irons Unveiled - Mizuno has launched three new iron models for the better player, including a combo set for left handers


Mizuno MP-20 Irons Unveiled

Mizuno has launched three new players irons to replace the models in the popular MP-18 range, each featuring copper plating within the heads to enhance the feel at impact.


The three new MP-20 iron models have evolved from Mizuno’s classic ‘tour edition’ musclebacks from yesteryear, like the legendary TN87 model, to provide the purest Mizuno feel to date.

The new family comprises MP-20 MB, MP-20 MMC and MP-20 HMB models, each with its own unique appeal designed to either stand alone or blend into custom combo sets and each featuring soft copper plating beneath a protective nickel chrome to deliver Mizuno’s signature feedback and feel.


The MP-20 MB (above) is a pure muscleback, heavily influenced by the most revered blades of Mizuno’s past and Grain Flow Forged HD from a single billet of 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel.

A tapered topline and cambered sole allow a fuller spread of weight to enhance vertical stability and forgiveness on strikes from high or low on the face. A blend of satin and mirror chrome finishing has been engineered to eliminate areas of high glare in the playing position.


The MP-20 MMC (above) is being billed as an ‘Elite Players’ Cavity’ and represents the second-generation of Mizuno’s multi-material concept. It is also forged from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel but with a thinner topline and refined scoring irons.

It shares the chassis, set flow and proportions of the MP-20 MB, but offers enhanced playability courtesy of a titanium muscle pad throughout the set, with a 12g tungsten toe weight from the 4- to 7-irons that adds ease of launch in a compact playing profile.

A second Ti muscle pad improves set flow by allowing for a narrower sole from 8-iron to pitching wedge. The topline is dramatically thinner than on the MP-18 MMC while remaining only 1mm thicker at address than on the MP-20 MB.

The MP-20 HMB (above) is part of the new breed of hollow-headed ‘Hybrid Muscle Back’ in a tour-ready profile that features Mizuno’s forged Chromoly material in the face and neck, supported by tungsten weighting. It is inspired by the proliferation of long iron replacements on tour but extends the concept right down to the wedges.

The heads feature a brush satin durable plated finish and a complex, loft-specific construction. From 2- to 8-iron, Mizuno’s multi-thickness Grain Flow Forged Chromoly face and neck is dialled in to be consistently hot across the clubface. From 2- to 7-iron, twin 12g tungsten weights deliver stability and an easy launch, while use of a softer 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel from 9-iron to PW makes the short irons soft and responsive.

The MP-20 HMB is designed to be played as a full set or mixed with any MP-20 set, with recommended break points between the 4- and 5-iron or 7- and 8-iron for blended sets.


Finally, based on the most popular right handed blended set, Mizuno has created the perfect mixed set for left handers – the MP-20 SEL (above).

It comprises the MP-20 MB in the #5-PW, and stable, easy-launching MP-20 HMB long irons, with lofts adjusted for perfect distance gaps throughout.

“Under a microscope, you can see a perfect flow of grain within the steel from the hosel to toe, compacted tighter in the hitting area. Designers can mimic our lines, but not what’s inside,” says Mizuno’s Chris Voshall. “After blind testing our players at the Valspar it was more than nostalgia – our test pool universally preferred the prototype with copper plating.”

The MP-20 MB irons are available in RH #3-PW; LH #5-PW (as a split set with #3-4 HMB) with an RRP of £150 per iron. The MP-20 MMC irons are available in 4-PW, RH only, with an RRP of £165 per iron.

The MP-20 HMB are available in RH #2-PW; LH #3 – #4 iron (as a split set with 5-PW MP-20 MB) with an RRP of £180 per iron. The MP-20 SEL are available in LH #3 – #4 HMB; #5-PW MP-20 MB, with an RRP of £1,240 (3-PW combo). They all go on sale from September, 2019.