Max Golf Protein unveiled by

Max Golf Protein, a revolutionary sports drink for golfers, is now available

Max Golf Protein
Max Golf Protein

Max Golf Protein, golf's first protein drink, is now available, signifying the expansion of online retailer into nutritional products

Max Golf Protein, the first ever protein drink designed specifically for golfers, is now available, signifying the expansion of online golf retailer into nutritional products.

Explaining the expansion to Golf Monthly, (opens in new tab) co-founder Ian McLeod said: “Health and fitness is becoming an ever important focus for some of the top players on tour, a trend which we see continuing through to the everyday player.

“Many of our customers come to us because our clothing ranges deliver performance technologies, therefore, it makes sense that our customers should have access to the highest quality products in performance-enhancing nutrition.”

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Easily portable for use out on the golf course, Max Golf Protein offers players a healthy and convenient alternative to energy drinks, which can provide a short burst of energy, but tend to result in tiredness when the sugar rush comes to its end.

In contrast, protein helps to grow and repair muscles, while also helping the mind to stay focused into the latter stages of your round.

Max Golf Protein

Max Golf Protein

European Tour coach Rob Watts said: “When dealing with professionals’ daily needs, Max Golf Protein delivers all the requirements for ultimate performance at the top level of the sport.”

Designed to be low in fat, Max Golf Protein contains a blend of ingredients that have been selected to provide a slow release of protein, balanced with the right amount of carbs to keep golfers at their best for 18 holes.

Unlike traditional protein powders used by gym-goers, Max Golf Protein is a ready-to-drink formula with a vanilla milk flavour, so is more suited to the golf course.

Packs of 12 bottles of Max Golf Protein will retail at £45.00.

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