Ian Poulter's CS2 Putting Aid is now available for purchase in the UK having been making waves on the PGA Tour since August 2013.


Since August 2013, the  Ian Poulter CS2 putting aid has been making waves on the PGA Tour with over 75 Tour Players, coaches and managers requesting units from the CS2 Tour Rep, Bernie Garson.

The CS2 is an extremely versatile putting training aid that focuses on delivering two of the primary setting fundamentals of putting: consistent stroke path and a consistently square putter face at impact.

Ian Poulter is one of the early adopters of the CS2, who has used the device to hone his putting stroke since the first time he used it at the Deutsche Bank Open.

Poulter has since endorsed the product, firmly believing that by practicing correctly with the CS2, golfers can knock strokes off their scores.

Ronnie Mathews, Managing Partner at Greenactive Golf, developers of the CS2 comments:

“Ian’s putting stroke has been rated as one of the best in the world, and the fact that he trusts the CS2 to keep it that way is of particular significance to us.

The Ian Poulter brand is one we can associate with very easily – contemporary, slightly edgy, relevant and high quality. We believe that the CS2 range fits very well with this philosophy.”

The CS2 is an indoor and outdoor training aid, and is suited for all levels of golfer, from absolute beginner to Tour Professional.

The first CS2 units in the UK, available at a retail price of £69.99, are available via Direct Golf with limited stock available at www.direct-golf.co.uk