Callaway Golf is broaching new territory by unveiling its flagship driver for 2013 via a first-ever digital reveal ‘Tweet to Unleash‘ campaign.

An image of Callaway’s new premium driver, concealed beneath a headcover, can be viewed at, Callaway’s dedicated microsite.

More images of the driver can be unlocked via a Twitter campaign, with fans and followers encouraged to tweet using the hashtag #LongestDriverinGolf.

Over the next few days, social media activity will determine when the fully-fledged image of the driver becomes available.

There are several milestones that need to be reached. At each milestone – dynamically determined by the volume of tweets that include the #LongestDriverinGolf hashtag – a section of the full image will be released.

There are eight additional milestones to be reached during the process. At each, a certain aspect of the driver’s technology will be revealed and discussed by Dr. Alan Hocknell, Callaway’s Head of Research and Development.

The dedicated campaign page will feature dynamic image and video, a log of Twitter conversations featuring the #LongestDriverinGolf hashtag and a list of suggested Callaway ambassadors to follow.

Click here to view the campaign page.