Bushnell Outdoor Products, makers of the #1 laser rangefinder on Tour, has introduced the Pro 1600 – the newest member of the company’s industry leading distance measuring devices, which is available in two models – Tournament Edition and the patented Slope Edition.

Both 1600 models work without a locating reflector device and the unit can start obtaining accurate distances to any object right out of the box, with no downloads necessary, incorporating PinSeeker Technology, a unique selective targeting mode, allowing the player to quickly acquire distance to any object without the need for reflectors.

“Our new Pro 1600 is extremely easy to use and will appeal to every golfer who has ever wanted an accurate yardage reading to the flagstick or virtually any other object on the course,” said Bushnell Senior Product Manager Jordan Vermillion.

The more sophisticated of the two rangefinders is the Pro 1600 Slope Edition, which features a built-in inclinometer to provide the golfer with a compensated distance based upon the degree of incline or decline.

The Pro 1600 Tournament Edition is legal for tournament play and is also capable of ranging distances from five to 1600 yards, accurate to within a yard each way.

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