Adidas Tour360 XT Twin Boa Shoe Revealed

Two Boa lacing dials maximise fit and support

aAdidas Tour360 XT Twin Boa Shoe Review

Adidas Tour360 XT Twin Boa Shoe Revealed - This is the first golf shoe to feature two Boa lacing dials for even better fit and support

Adidas Tour360 XT Twin Boa Shoe Revealed

Adidas has unveiled its first ever golf shoe to feature two Boa lacing dials.

The new cleated Tour360 XT Twin Boa shares many of the same performance attributes of the original Tour360 XT shoe, including the cleated X-Torsion outsole, but with the addition of a customized performance fit that provides lasting comfort on the green.


The shoe is designed to offer micro-adjustability in two separate zones. The first is the independent main dial with high strength Boa lace that when combined with the forged 360 wrap creates power for your swing by locking the area between your midfoot and forefoot. The side-mounted dial helps to close the tongue and securely holds your heel.

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The lower Boa zone provides micro-adjustability from the middle to bottom instep for customized fit, feel and support, without irritation or discomfort.


The Boa Fit L6 System is designed to provide maximum impact protection, resistance to accidental opening and dirt contamination.

The Boa Dial adjusts the fit with precision and allows for quick release while the Boa Lace CS1 is lightweight, strong, and expertly configured for comfort and performance.

The low friction Boa Guides ensure a smooth closure, every time. On severe impact, the cartridge is designed to release from the bayonet. If this happens, the user can insert the cartridge back into the bayonet.

Bringing you closer to your equipment, the Boa Fit System delivers a better connection to the shoe’s traction for added stability, control and power. Boa offers instant micro-adjustability, down to a precise one millimetre per click, allowing golfers to dial in the perfect fit for consistent comfort and performance.

To use it, simply push in the dial to engage, twist to tighten and pull up for quick release.

Boa is built lightweight, waterproof, and ultra-durable. Engineered to perform in all conditions, it is rigorously field tested and guaranteed for the lifetime of the product on which it is integrated.

The adidas Tour360 XT Twin Boa shoe is on sale now with an RRP of £179.95.