The new 2018 Srixon AD333 Tour golf ball has been revealed and is said to deliver tour performance for players with moderate swing speeds

The new 2018 Srixon AD333 Tour golf ball has been revealed and it now features an even lower compression core to suit players with moderate swing speeds.

The newest version of the popular AD333 Tour model turned to even lower compression to help deliver tour performance to golfers who don’t swing fast enough to make the most of higher compression tour balls like the Srixon Z-Star.

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It means the improved Energetic Gradient Growth Core is now even easier to compress to create lower driver spin for impressive distance and accuracy on full shots.

As before, it has a urethane cover for soft feel and feedback, while Srixon’s Spin Skin coating grabs onto grooves to boost spin for greenside performance like a Z-Star style ball.

You’ll also find a 338 Speed Dimple Pattern with a low-drag, aerodynamic design that helps enhance carry time for longer distance with more control.

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Speaking to GM Michael Ross, Senior Product Manager for Golf Balls for Srixon, said: “The AD333 Tour was designed primarily for good players but who have more moderate swing speeds.

“The problem we identified is that these golfers aren’t optimising their performance by choosing to play a high-compression tour ball because they aren’t able to compress it, so they end up sacrificing distance off the tee and with their irons.

“These golfers don’t need to play a high-compression tour ball just so they have the excellent greenside spin performance that they’re used to. They would benefit greatly from playing a ball that offers the same great greenside performance but is easier to compress. That’s why we developed the lower-compression 2018 Srixon AD333 Tour.”

2018 Srixon AD333 Tour Golf Ball – Details

The new 2018 Srixon AD333 Tour will retail at £29.99 and will be available in stores from the 2nd of February 2018.