This time last year equipment editor, Jeremy Ellwood, gave readers a full run-down of his bag. Since then, he’s relinquished some of his equipment-related duties, but how much of last year’s line-up remains…?

Driver – Callaway Hyper X 10 degree regular
Last year’s TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad has given way first to the Mizuno MP-600 and more recently this Callaway model which I loved when I first hit it. Nothing wrong with either the SuperQuad or the MP-600 (both of which still sit on the substitutes’ bench in the shed), but with its slightly closed face, I feel I’m less likely to lose the Hyper X right when my timing is off.

3-wood – Ping G5 15 degree regular
This club gave way to Ping’s G10 when it was launched last year, and to be fair it will probably be back in the bag in the winter when my 3-wood sees a lot more action from the fairway. But in the summer, 3-wood becomes primarily a tee-shot club for me, and I find the G5’s larger head – which counts against it for fairway work in my view – cuts me a little more slack in terms of tee height.

4-wood – Mizuno F-50 16.5 degree regular
I’ve temporarily abandoned my utility in favour of a 4-wood as I’ve been feeling that the utility loft I like for rescue work goes about the same distance as my 3-iron – an unnecessary duplication. This 4-wood addresses that issue, while still proving pretty playable from the rough. I briefly had an Orlimar Trimetal 4-wood in the bag that I acquired for the princely sum of £1 from the shop at my local tip, but found that while I hit it well on the practice ground, I was more inconsistent with it out on the course.

Irons – Mizuno MP Fli-Hi 3-iron, MP57 4-PW
I put the MP57s in the bag as soon as they came out, and although for a while I flitted between them and my old MP60s, they’re now a permanent fixture. With just a hint more forgiveness than the MP-60s, I am now carrying just one of the MP Fli-Hi irons rather than two.

Wedges – Mizuno MP R Series 52 and 56
Nothing’s changed here. To be honest I’m still not entirely happy with my wedge play, but I think that’s more down to technique than equipment. I do feel there’s a bit of a distance gap between my MP-57 PW and my 52 degree gap wedge, but so far haven’t got round to doing anything about it.

Putter – SeeMore Money
My Kramski had enjoyed an almost unbroken 20-month spell in the bag, but in a recent round at Hillside I reckon my 9-month-old daughter, Isabelle, could have putted better. I was clueless, which is very unlike me. Even so it’s got me rummaging in the shed for an alternative ahead of this week’s big GM Order of Merit event, and I’m hoping this SeeMore Money mallet will be be proof that sometimes you really can rekindle old relationships. It certainly worked well in a lengthy practice session straight after Harrington’s Birkdale win, but we’ll see. I’m reassuring myself that of all the afflictions I’ve suffered at times, a prolonged spell of poor putting has never been one of them.

Ball – anything soft
Still using anything with a soft cover, most notably of late, the Srixon UR-S, TaylorMade TP Red and Nike One Platinum, with the middle one perhaps my favourite if push comes to shove.