Mizuno unveils new MP irons offering

Mizuno has announced the launch of the MP-4 and MP-54 irons, the new MP-T4 wedge and the MP-A304, A305 and A306 putters

Mizuno MP-4

Mizuno has announced the launch of the MP-4 and MP-54 irons, the MP-T4 wedge and the MP-A304, A305 and A306 putters.

MP-4 irons:

The MP-4 irons range is designed for those players looking for complete control of their ball flights.

The muscle-back design extends higher up the club face, enhancing the feel of its Grain Flow Forged construction and promoting a longer, softer sense at impact.

The muscle bulge reduces in the progression from short to long irons, where emphasis is placed on creating a quick launch and steep angle of descent.

The clubs were created through CAD design before Mizuno's master club-grinders made minor adjustments to the clubheads, thus creating Mizuno's MP-4 master forging moulds.

The clubs also feature a thin top line and reduced offset for greater command of ball flight, a more compact 8-PW line-up and Double Nickel Mirror Chrome finish.

"The MP-4 gives real shot-makers the ultimate control over their ball flight, with the very purest feel and feedback possible," said Tetsuya Kanayama, Mizuno's Manager of Golf Club Development.

Mizuno MP-4 irons, available from September, start at £120.

MP-54 irons:

The MP-54 irons are also Grain Flow Forged, and boast a Step Muscle design, but are designed for players who need slightly more forgiveness.

A deep Milled Pocket Cavity in the 3-7 irons provide stability from off-centre hits and the bevelled sole promotes cleaner turf interaction.

A modified 'hosel blend' also creates the illusion of less offset, giving players who shape the ball from left to right greater manoeuvrability.

A Perimeter Grind - which reduces top-line appearance and sole width - and a Double Nickel Mirror Chrome finish are two additional features.

"The MP-54 is for players who have grown up on forgiving golf equipment, but want a little bit more from their shotmaking. It still has all the forgiveness most modern players are used to, but with so much more feel and workability," said Mizuno Golf Club Developer David Llewellyn.

Mizuno MP-54 irons, available from September, start at £100.

There have also been some modifications to to the MP-T4 wedge and MP A-Series putters.

The new wedge design features a 'raw black' finish that will wear, rust and leave grooves exposed for high spin levels.

The A-series putters have been fleshed out with three new models - The MP-A304, A305 and A306 - all of which retain the same Line 90 alignment mark and technological benefits.