Who Is Tom Lewis' Girlfriend?

Meet Tom Lewis' girlfriend Quiggle Ignacio.

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Meet Tom Lewis' girlfriend Quiggle Ignacio here.

Who Is Tom Lewis' Girlfriend?

Englishman Tom Lewis has been a main stay on the PGA Tour and European Tour in recent years.

He now lives in Jupiter, Florida and primarily plays on the PGA Tour, but he does make visits to Europe to play on the European Tour.

He lost he PGA Tour status last year however, and is looking to regain his status with some good results in 2021.

Off the golf course though, who is Lewis' girlfriend? In this piece, we meet his girlfriend Quiggle Ignacio.

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Who Is Tom Lewis' Girlfriend?

Quiggle Ignacio via Instagram - @quiggleignacio

Tom Lewis' girlfriend is Quiggle Ignacio who is a model and actor who has appeared in Vogue magazine on four occasions.

She has also done work in music videos and her most recent role in a film - A Holiday Change - was released on Amazon Prime in 2019.

Ignacio has nearly 900,000 followers on Instagram.

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She is also a registered nurse and her website says of her role as a nurse, "she does public service by volunteering in churches, hospitals, outreach programs and medical missions."

It is not sure how and when Lewis and Ignacio got together but it appears to have been at some point in 2020.

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They both posted a picture of each other on Valentine's Day 2021 on their respective Instagram accounts, but otherwise there has been little information posted on social media about the two..

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