Who Is Webb Simpson’s Coach?

Who coaches the American Major winner?

Webb Simpson's Coach
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In this piece we take a look at who coaches the American Major winner.

Who Is Webb Simpson's Coach?

Who actually coaches the 33-year-old American Major winner Webb Simpson? Throughout his career he has had a variety of people who have had a significant influence over his game. We take a look at each of them below.

Who Is Webb Simpson's Coach?

Ted Kiegiel

Ted Kiegiel, the director of golf at Carolina Country Club in Raleigh, has coached Simpson since he was only eight years old after Webb's father Sam introduced them to each other. Straight away Webb made quite an impression;

“I could tell that he was very gifted, just blessed, with natural talent,” Kiegiel says. “Early on in his development, he could pick up and learn skills that were far beyond his years. He demonstrated all the qualities that you’d want to have to build a great player.”

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It was not just his gifts and talent that differentiated him to Kiegiel, it was also his hard work. Speaking after Webb won the 2012 US Open by one stroke at The Olympic Club, Kiegiel said, “Webb dug it out of the dirt right here. This week he won because he simply out practised everybody."

Kiegiel still occasionally travels with the North Carolina native to advise him on his game.

Jerry Haas

Renowned Wake Forest golf coach Jerry Haas also played a role in the golfing career of Webb. Whilst at college Haas coached Simpson for four years, and Simpson had huge success winning ACC Freshman of the Year, he was a three-time All American and won the 2008 ACC Player of the Year too.

Speaking of Simpson, Haas said; “He was one of the rare kids who slowed down when the going got tough. And he’s the most honest kid I’ve ever had. By honest, I mean he never had an excuse for a bad shot or a bad play. He took full responsibility; he never blamed anybody or anything. He knew he was responsible for all of his actions.”

Webb and Jerry Haas at the 2007 Walker Cup (Getty Images)

Pat Goss

Finally, Simpson in 2015 took on short-game coach Pat Goss although it is not clear if the pair still work together at the moment.

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