We take a look at who currently coaches the talented Frenchman here.

Who Is Victor Perez’s Coach?

Victor Perez has risen up the golfing ranks with a series of consistent results in big tournaments over the past few years.

A lot of his career and team setup is relatively unknown at the moment but we have tried to rectify that somewhat with this piece on who his coach is.

Who Is Victor Perez’s Coach?

According to his official website, Victor Perez is currently coached by Mike Magher.

The pair connected at Biarritz Golf Club which is where Magher is based. Magher is from New Jersey, United States and played collegiate golf with a lot of success and we believe he turned professional in 1982.

Since then he has spent most of his time living in France and devoted himself to teaching. He founded the American Golf Academy in 1997 which works in partnership with the Golf de Biarritz company.

He has coached young players who have excellent results in all junior competitions, whether at departmental, regional, national and international level.

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The Golf Academy aims to give aspiring golfers more knowledge and training when it comes to a variety of disciplines such as practice, the mental side of the game and general coaching in terms of the swing.

It also gives players the opportunity to study in the United States as the Academy has relationships with prestigious American universities like UCLA, University of California at Berkeley, Florida Institute of Technology and George Mason University.

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Mike Magher also works with players from the national teams of Ireland, Belgium and Denmark, as well as professional players.

We are uncertain how often Perez and Magher see each other given the former lives in Scotland and the latter in France or the United States.

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Perez has also worked with Ben Shear in the past too, who is a PGA Tour trainer and Director of Performance at Athletic Edge, a golf performance center he founded in 2000.

Shear is also a Golf Digest Fitness Advisor and a Golf Digest Top 50 trainer in the USA.

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We are unsure if Perez has had any other coaches during his amateur and professional career so far