Should You Use Offset Golf Clubs?

We take a look at whether you should think about using offset golf clubs.

Should You Use Offset Golf Clubs

We take a look at whether you should think about using offset golf clubs.

Should You Use Offset Golf Clubs?

First things first, what does offset mean?

Offset is a term used to describe a club where the leading edge sits back from the shaft. The clubs are called offset hosel clubs because the area where the shafts into the head is actually bent so it sits behind the shaft.

Originally, offset started out in putters to help players get their hands forward but the club feature has become a lot more apparent in irons and sometimes in hybrids and woods.

What Are The Benefits Of Offset Clubs?

When woods or irons are designed to have offset, there are two big benefits that could see improvement for golfers of a mid to high handicap range. Obviously low handicappers can use offset clubs too but they find it easier to square the club face and create high launch. Therefore the benefits for a low handicapper will be less apparent than if a high handicap golfer used offset clubs.

The Benefits

1. Squaring The Club Face

Offset clubs help here by simply giving the player more time to square the club face in the downswing. This is because a club head with offset arrives at the ball a split-second later than a club with no offset whatsoever. Theoretically this also benefits the golfer by reducing the amount of slice or fade the golfer imparts onto the ball as well.

2. Higher Launch

Offset clubs also help create a higher launch in terms of the centre of gravity or CG as it is known in the golfing community. The more offset there is, the further the CG of the head is back from the shaft which helps create a higher trajectory. Therefore this helps golfers who have a difficult time getting the ball up in the air.

Should You Use Offset Golf Clubs?

So should you use offset golf clubs? Well if you struggle to square up the face at impact, struggle with a slice and need to hit the ball a bit higher, then offset clubs could most definitely help your game.

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