Who is Rory McIlroy's wife? Here, we get to know Erica Stoll a little bit better

Who is Rory McIlroy’s Wife?

The pair got hitched on April 22, 2017.

Stoll, who hails from New York, was working for the PGA when she met the four-time major winner.

Remember when McIlroy was late for his tee time at the 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah because he overslept?

Well, Erica was the PGA employee who helped rescue him from what would have been a hugely embarrassing episode, and the police did the rest of the job in getting him to the course.

Rory and Erica at the 2018 Ryder Cup gala (Getty Images)

Fast forward five years and their wedding on the grounds of Ashworth Castle, one of Ireland’s finest hotels, featured a star-studded guest list including Chris Martin from Coldplay and One Direction’s Niall Horan.

There were also performances from Stevie Wonder and Ed Sheeran.

Who is Rory McIlroy's Wife?

Wife and supporter: Erica Stoll watches her husband, Rory McIlroy (Getty Images)

What do we know about Erica Stoll? She’s into sailing and enjoys watching The Bachelor, the American dating show.

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However, despite racking up the miles following her husband play golf around the world, she’s quite happy to stay out of the limelight and away from the cameras.

Speaking to The Independent prior to getting married, McIlroy said: “Erica has been around me quite a lot at tournaments but we have really just tried to keep it low key.

“She is a very low key person, not the kind to broadcast stuff, but that side of my life is really good just now. We are excited, our parents are excited so it is a really happy time.”

.Who is Rory McIlroy's Wife?

Erica Stoll shows her support for Rory at the Ryder Cup (Getty Images)

Stoll gave birth to her and Rory’s first child, Poppy Kennedy McIlroy, on August 31, 2020.