Golfer Makes Hole-In-One With Putter

Andrew Easdale managed to make an unusual ace on an 85 yard par-3 at Trevose

Golfer Makes Hole-In-One With Putter

Andrew Easdale managed to make an unusual ace on an 85 yard par-3 at Trevose

Golfer Makes Hole-In-One With Putter

News has reached us of a most unusual hole in one achieved this summer. It was by Andrew Easdale, a 36-handicapper undergoing cancer treatment - and it was made with a putter.

The hole in question, the 5th on the Short Course at Trevose, is 85 yards long. The shortest and tightest of the holes on this par-29 layout, it is played to a small green - about 40ft by 30ft - guarded front left and right by bunkers, with another bunker nestling behind it.

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Andrew Easdale, 62, has been an occasional golfer for many years. When he and his wife retired to the south of France they joined their local club, La Forge, where he has a handicap of 36.

But he had not played for several months before this hole-in-one round because of a combination of his wife breaking a finger and him undergoing treatment for cancer.

Indeed, a few weeks after this round, he again went under the surgeon’s knife as part of his ongoing treatment. We are pleased to report that this treatment has proved successful.

Andrew was playing on a family holiday. Over many decades his mother had organised family holidays to Cornwall, always somewhere near Trevose golf club, when her children, and then later her grandchildren, were young.

The 5th hole on the Short Course at Trevose

Andrew’s mother passed away in the winter, and had requested that her ashes be scattered in Cornwall. So the family organised one more multi-generational family holiday to Cornwall at which they could honour her memory and scatter her ashes.

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Andrew, his younger brother, and one of his nephews had nipped out to play a quick nine before supper on the Short Course as a piece of nostalgia, as this is the course where several generations of young Easdale golfers had hit some of their first hooks and slices.

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As to why he used a putter, Andrew admits: “I could claim that with links courses one ought to stay low when playing near the green and that, as the conditions were dry and fast-running, the putter seemed the best option. But that is a retrospective justification of what was at the time just an impulsive act by a jolly frustrated golfer.

“I had failed to muster even a halfway decent drive or chip thus far that day, so I had simply thought ‘hang it all, might as well use my putter here as it’s the one club that’s working for me‘.

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“I hit it well and the ball looked as if it would end up on the green - which I was more than happy with. But the ball just kept rolling, and then it disappeared. I was initially puzzled, and even asked ‘where did it go?’, before the penny finally dropped. Total disbelief - holes in one are for good golfers, not me!”

He admits that following this ace achievement he “was tempted to give up then and there because I know I can't improve on that! But I have since weakened!”

Do readers know of any other holes in one made with a putter or have you witnessed anything equally as unique? If so, please tell us about them on our social media channels.

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