We take a look at the unique and powerful swing of American youngster Matthew Wolff.

Matthew Wolff Swing Sequence

Matthew Wolff has one of the most unique swings in the game of golf. Here we take a deeper analytical look into the swing that always causes heads to turn.

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1 Set-up

I would call this a relaxed posture as opposed to an athletic one, which is becoming the norm nowadays. His stance is a little bit shut and the shoulders are fairly square. Prior to the takeaway he has this trigger where he moves his hips to the left, before whipping them to the right.

2 Takeaway

He keeps the toe of the club down which is square to path. His hands stay into the body whilst the arms go away to create maximum width. Midway through the backswing it’s almost like he’s about to play a cricket shot, where he’s going to pick the club up and smack it for six.

3 Top of backswing

He goes way above plane. He has this massive hip rotation and lifts his lead foot right up. Jack Nicklaus talked about one or two inches of heel lift to allow more width in the swing – this guy has about six. The right leg has straightened, which allows the pelvis to turn more. He keeps the trail wrist nicely cupped.

4 Downswing

To transition from backswing to downswing see how he now plants that left heel, which allows his knees and legs to go into flexion. This creates the squat which is where all the power comes from. His wrist has now flattened, more comparable to someone like Brooks Koepka. He’s now looking like a world-class golfer.

5 Through impact

Just before impact (the delivery position) you can see how the toe of the club is still a little bit closed, which means it’s square to path, and the pelvis has unwound nicely. His shoulders are already square and his hips are around 45 degrees open and he’s ready to ‘jump out’ of the shot. With the driver, both feet are sometimes completely off the ground as he strikes.

6 Finish

All good players stay down through the ball, which you can see he does; they’re rotating so much they can stay in the shot. His shoulders rotate well past 90 degrees, which is not unusual, and he’s perfectly balanced. His quirky action is testament to how much he can fire those hips.

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