Golf Bucket List: Our Top 12

From playing a course in every continent to visiting Augusta

We take a look 12 things golfers need on their bucket list. Do you agree with our selections?

Golf Bucket List: Our Top 12

Drawing up a bucket list has its pluses and minuses. On the one hand you're relishing all the triumphs you've yet to come, but on the other you're silently acknowledging you're drawing up a list that might need slightly longer than 80-odd years to complete.

Just think about it, though. How sweet would it be to travel to Augusta National, a name that transcends the sport and never fails to induce goosebumps.

Or how about playing a course in every continent? Or smashing a drive 300 yards (preferrably down the fairway)?

We thought we'd compile the ultimate bucket list for golfers. If the following aren't on your list, maybe they should be...or maybe you've got some suggestions of your own?

No. 1   -   Golfing road trip

Have you ever watched an American road trip film and not been envious? Springsteen blaring on the radio, miles of desert on the horizon...and a few course stops along the way. Maybe it won't be America, but any golfing road trip that takes in some of the finest courses your country has to offer can't be a bad thing. Sure, petrol money, food and all other necessities will require a little bit of cash to be stored away...but we think a golfing road trip is a real must. Agree?

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Golf bucket list: Our top 12

Soren Kjeldsen knows... Credit: Andrew Redington (Getty)


No. 2   -   A pint with Peter Alliss

Maybe it's a little careless to think one pint would be enough to get through the voice of golf's many anecdotes. You wouldn't have much chance to get a word in, but would you really want to? Put it this way: would you rather bore him with the details of the time you nearly holed out from a fairway bunker or have him tell you what he really thought about those infamous complaints made against him after this year's Open? Enough said.

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Golf bucket list: Our top 12

The drinks are on Peter. Credit: Andrew Redington (Getty)


No. 3  -  Be a spectator at the Ryder Cup

Most of us have experienced Ian Poulter's Ryder Cup heroics from the comfort of an armchair or a sticky barstool at the local clubhouse. However, nothing would match the experience of squealing out in delight just feet away from the winning putt, depending on your alleigances, sandwiched in between some glum looking opposition fans. Every moment would be an experience. From donning a Miguel wig complete with cigar (if you're European) to emulating Boo Weekley's famous horse celebration (after a few drinks), what could be better than being present for one of golf's most visceral experiences?

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Golf bucket list: Our top 12

They all got the fancy dress memo. Credit: Jamie Squire (Getty)


No. 4  -  Hit a 300yd drive

For amateurs, it's debateable what gives us the most satisfaction. Holing out from a bunker is certainly a popular one, as is sinking a difficult breaking putt. However, we'd be lying if we said ripping one 300 yards down the fairway wasn't close to the top of that list. Look closely on your local driving range and you'll often spot the one person who is slowly losing all technique in a bid to hit his drive that extra 30 yards. Getting to a stage where you're capable of hitting the big 300 might not always be pretty, but hats off if you've already done it!

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Golf bucket list: Our top 12

Have you broken 299 yet? Credit: David Cannon (Getty)


No. 5  -  Watch Tiger Woods

Of course, we'd rather watch the vintage Tiger Woods of 2001 than experience some of his more recent exploits on the course. But would you really turn down the chance to watch one of the best players the game has ever known? Woods has endured a torrid time with injuries recently and thus rarely tees it up nowadays. Regardless of his injury woes, he is still one of the most fascinating players around and if you get the chance to watch him play then you should jump at the opportunity.

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Golf bucket list: Our top 12

You just can't miss him. Credit: Kevin C. Cox (Getty)


No. 6  -  Make your first hole in one

Forget the inevitable bar bill. Your precision and accuracy might have been a fluke, but if it ends up in the cup...are you going to complain? Whether it's in a club competition or a Sunday knock-about with your friends, it's the ultimate achievement for any golfer.

Let's just hope you've got a playing partner to witness the feat...

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Golf bucket list: Our top 12

Brian Harman makes aces for fun. Credit: Scott Halleran (Getty)


No. 7  -  Play a course on every continent

If you only manage six holidays in your lifetime it's possible to tick this one off the list. Of course, there are seven continents, but a little research tells you that there's only a frisbee golf course in Antarctica (use your imagination and it might still be possible!). You may well already have two crossed off the list, but a hearty handshake is in order if you're able to say you've played four or more.

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Golf bucket list: Our top 12

Can anyone tick Incheon City off their list?


No. 8  -  Go to Augusta National

There's a theory (certainly not one made up for the purpose of this article) that the water hazards at Augusta National are 50% standard H2O and 50% teardrops. Those teardrops belong to the scores of grown men and women who can't believe they've finally made it to one of the most iconic venues in golf. Throw in the fact that the players you'll be watching will be competing for arguably the most sought after trophy in golf and you'll be set for one hell of a weekend.

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Golf bucket list: Our top 12

Anybody for Augusta National? Credit: Ross Kinnaird (Getty)


No. 9 - Play the Old Course

From one iconic venue to another. You'll do well to grab a round at Augusta National, but it's more likely you'll grace the hallowed turf of St Andrews. We've all wanted to try our hand navigating the Valley of Sin or taking on the Road bunker, despite knowing you'll fail more miserably than some of the greatest players. Nonetheless it's an experience you don't want to miss.

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Golf bucket list: Our top 12

How would you approach this shot on the Old Course? Credit: David Cannon (Getty)


No. 10 - Shoot a score lower than your age

Unless you're prolific with your hole in ones, you'll be heading into old age with this firmly still on the list. You'll need whatever Tom Watson eats for breakfast to get there (and probably some of his talent), but if there's one thing golfers have in bucket loads it's hope....and let's face it, we'll need it!

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Golf bucket list: Our top 12

If we can be half as good as Tom Watson when we get older... Credit: Ezra Shaw (Getty)


No. 11 - Get Custom Fitted

If you are keen on golf and have the money to spend, getting custom fitting clubs should be high up on your agenda. With the technology on offer nowadays, it is crucial to use custom-fit clubs if you want to play to your potential. Most custom fittings will not cost you much, or anything, on top of the club charge and many manufacturers are now offering plenty of different shaft options with no upcharge.

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Golf bucket list: Our top 12

Avid golfers should consider buying custom fitted clubs. Credit: Fred Vuich (Getty)


No . 12 - Install a practice area in your garden

Every golfers dream is to play their beloved sport wherever and whenever they want. Although expensive, golfers can realise their dream by installing a practice area in their garden. Companies such as Huxley Golf can install putting greens, practice nets, tees, mats and base systems so that golfers can practice all aspects of their game within the comfort of their own home.

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Golf bucket list: Our top 12

Imagine having world class facilities in your garden so you practice whenever you want!? Credit: Julian Herbert (Getty)


Anything we've missed?

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