8 Weird Things Golfers Do

Neil Tappin takes a look at the 8 weird things golfers do from putting gloves in back pockets to plumb-bobbing and strange swing rehearsals.

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Neil Tappin takes a look at the 8 weird things golfers do from putting gloves in back pockets to plumb-bobbing and strange swing rehearsals.

8 Weird Things Golfers Do

Us golfers and some of the things we do can probably be best described as weird but there is often logic behind a lot of our actions and movements on the golf course.

In the video below we take a look at eight weird things golfers do and if we have missed anything be sure to let us know, or tell us how many of these things you do as well.

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** This video was filmed pre-lockdown **

8. Body Lean/Knee Bend

We have all hit a shot and leaned over this way and that to try and bring the ball back into play and every single golfer has given the old knee bend when the ball slides agonisingly past the hole! We are not 100% sure either of them work but that doesn't stop us from doing them from time to time. Even the professionals are susceptible to these actions!

7. Glove In The Back Pocket

The process of removing a golf glove and putting it in your back pocket when putting, most probably emanates from the tour but to those people who don't play golf, it may seem very strange indeed.

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The glove seems to have found its home in the back pocket but why?

6. Get Up/Sit Down

Talking to the golf ball is a very common practice on the golf course. Does it work? Well sometimes the ball behaves itself and that is enough evidence for most golfers to keep doing it.

5. The Golfer's Stance

It seems every single time a golfer has to wait to play, or is waiting for a playing partner to hit, this familiar stance is produced. This is a particular favourite of Rory McIlroy as you can see below!

4. Golfing Superstitions

Golfers, like all participants in sport, have their own superstitions whether it be using lucky ball markers, only using certain numbered golf balls, or marking their ball with the same logo.

We all have them so what are your golfing superstitions?

3. Plumbobbing

This is used on the green and those that do use the technique swear by it. It can be particularly useful on the straight-ish putts that could break either way.

The plum-bobbing technique is said to just give a little bit more assurance and knowledge of what the putt might do.

In fact many golfers line up their putts in weird and wonderful ways with Camillo Villegas' famous technique being one memorable example.

2. Golf Swing Practice

Golfers will use any inanimate object that we can get our hands on to practice the golf swing. Umbrellas, broomsticks, hoses, just about anything can be used to have a little waggle to check grip and other facets of the swing.

What is the strangest thing you have used to practice your golf swing?

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1. Odd Practice Swings

In terms of the practice swing you might have thought the best thing to do would be to try and create a direct replica of the swing you would be looking to make over the ball.

But many golfers are actually trying to groove a certain movement in the swing and that can lead to some funky looking practice swings. Alex Noren is one such example.

For the non-golfer it looks quite weird but actually it makes sense if you are trying to get the club in a certain position in the swing, to create the feeling you are looking for.

8 Weird Things Golfers Do


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