Want To Hole More Putts? These Deals On PuttOut Training Aids Could Help

There are some excellent deals on PuttOut gear right now via Amazon Prime Day.

Want To Hole More Putts? These Deals On PuttOut Training Aids Could Help
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PuttOut is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to helping your game, with the company producing some of the best golf training aids (opens in new tab) on the market. What's more, thanks its range of products, there's something for you that will help your putting stroke. As you can tell, we have been fans for a while now and we really think PuttOut aids can help you on the greens. Here, we have taken a look at some superb Amazon Prime Day deals (opens in new tab) on PuttOut equipment, with several products now considerably cheaper than their RRP.

Want To Hole More Putts? These Deals On PuttOut Training Aids Could Help

PuttOut Pro Putting Gates

The PuttOut Pro Putting Gates

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Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a croquet player or are just wanting to improve your putting stroke, the PuttOut Pro Putting Gates are an excellent way for golfers to improve their putting accuracy from the comfort of their own living room. They are currently on offer this Prime Day for a whopping 42% off. And for that price, you'll get three putting gates of varying sizes (50mm, 60mm and 70mm) and a protective pouch to store them in.

So how do you use these gates? Well, having tested similar PuttOut gates (opens in new tab) before, the quality on offer in these products and the benefits you can get from these tools make them some of the best putting aids (opens in new tab) on the market.  You can use them out on the practice greens or you can combine them with a golf mat and set them up in your living room. Position the gates up at varying distances and try to roll the ball through each one working on the consistency of your ball striking. Then, once you're ready, why not head out to the practice green for the ultimate challenge; using the gates to hone in on your accuracy on breaking putts. 

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PuttOut Pro Putting Gates | 42% off at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Was £39.99 Now £22.99

These Putting Pro Gates are are perfect for working on your start lines and provide immediate feedback on a poor putt by rejecting pulled or pushed efforts.

PuttOut Premium Pressure Putt Trainer

PuttOut Premium Pressure Putt Trainer

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Save £7 on the five-star rated PuttOut Premium Pressure Putt Trainer during Amazon Prime Day, a golf accessory we rated so highly (opens in new tab), we included it on our Editors Choice Awards list for 2022. Available for the discounted price of £22.99, this training aid will help you improve on getting the right weight on your putts.

Released back in 2021, the Premium Pressure Putt trainer disciplines players to put enough weight on the ball to strike the 'perfect putt' from whatever distance they are stood away from the tool. It works thanks to a micro-target that is situated on the back plate of the trainer which you want to line up and hit with your golf ball. If your putts weight and line are spot on, the ball will hold in the micro-target, while poorly struck shots will be returned to the player's feet, thanks to the trainer's ramp. For any golf enthusiast, this might be one of the most addictive training aids you can purchase. 

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PuttOut Premium Pressure Putt Trainer | 23% off at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Was £29.99 Now £22.99

A very fun, and at times very frustrating trainer, this aid is designed to simulate the exact conditions of putting into a real hole by returning the ball the same distance it would have gone past.

PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat

Puttout putting mat

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Featured at the top of our guide on the best putting mats (opens in new tab) on the market the PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat delivers a true feel and real-life green speeds helping you to keep practicing your putting even when you can't make it to the course. The best thing, though, is that you can currently get 23% off this impressive product during Amazon Prime Day (opens in new tab) which is, in our opinion, an absolute steal. 

We tested this product out as part of PuttOut's Studio Bundle (opens in new tab) and were impressed at the high-quality design of these putting mats. The mat comes in gray, green, blue and black and features a number of alignment guides along the edges and middle of the mat to help you keep your stroke square through impact. The mat is 240 x 50 cm in size which makes it the perfect size to lay in your living room. It is also constructed of a heavy-rubber backing, which won't scratch or move on any hard surface when you stand on it. 

It is compatible with most putting cups, but the great thing about this mat is that you don't even need a cup as the alignment markings on the putter allow you to practice a variety of skills, from pace putting to alignment. But if you want to start hitting the perfect putt more often, then why not combine this putting mat with the PuttOut Trainer and Gates listed above, to give you the perfect indoor golf training set. These are some of our favorite aids on the market and you can pick up all three on Amazon Prime Day for just £100!  

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PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat | 23% off at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Was £69.99 Now £53.49

We have been fans of the PuttOut Pro Mat for a while now. It is ideal for working on your putting anywhere, can be folded away nicely, and right now has 23% off. 

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