PuttOut Studio Bundles

We test the PuttOut Travel, Academy and Tour Studios

PuttOut Studio Bundles Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

A market leading putting mat combined with an excellent array of gadgets and accessories that are sure to help your putting in the long term. Depending on your budget and space, you'll find a bundle that suits you and 15 minutes a day fine tuning your game on a PuttOut mat will hopefully yield great returns out on course.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    High-quality construction and materials on all mats and accessories. The mats roll at an ideal and consistent pace and there's just the right amount of extra gadgets depending on your budget and skill level.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    You need a very large space to use the Large Mat to its fullest.

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In this PuttOut bundles review, we test the Travel, Academy and Tour studio bundles to find out what is included and how they can improve your putting

PuttOut Studio Bundles Review

PuttOut has been creating high quality putting mats and accessories for a number of years now and it's latest range of bundles looks to build on the success of its original line up of products.

We reviewed the Home Putting Studio last year, and 2021 has seen the launch of a host of new products conveniently packaged into three different sized bundles.

Indeed, the only carry over product in this review from 2020 is the medium putting mat, the rest is brand new for 2021.

In this PuttOut Studio bundles review, we look at three new collection on offer and go through the pros and cons of each combination.

PuttOut Travel Studio

PuttOut Travel Studio

RRP: £99 Includes: Slim Mat, Premium PuttOut Trainer and Compact Mirror

Three brand new products make up PuttOut's excellent Travel Studio, and this package is ideal for putting training on the move or if you only have a small space to fill.

The first thing worth noting is that the old Pressure Putt Trainer is gone and the Premium Putt Out Trainer has been introduced.

It uses the exact same scientifically shaped parabolic ramp as the old trainer, but is made of a sturdier matte plastic and feels together more premium than the old version.

It still has the small micro target at the back, allowing the 'perfect put' to fall into the hole if you pace and line are spot on.

This is the most enjoyable part of the PuttOut experience across all three bundles and trying to secure the perfect putt from 6ft is an enjoyable - if sometimes infuriating task - and a great way to add some purpose to a putting session.

It's the best putting trainer we've used and it is great for practicing consistent pace control from those annoying 6ft putts - the more premium finish only adds to the desirability of this product.

Secondly in this bundle, the Slim Mat is a real space saver when compared to the other mats in the PuttOut range.

It measures in at just under 8ft in length - the same as the Medium Mat - but it is less than 10 inches in width.

Like all the mats in the range, the Slim Mat rolls at 10 on the stimp meter and has plenty of alignment aids dotted at 1ft intervals.

What's impressive about all of the mats in PuttOut's range is the quality and durability.

The Slim Mat in the Travel PuttOut Studio bundle is a great space saving option. The trainer and the mirror are great companion accessories.

The sticky bottom surface allows it to stay secured on even the slippiest surfaces and the quality of the putting surface is perfect for some serious putting practice.

The Compact Mirror rounds off this bundle, giving you a tool to check eye alignment and putter face position at address.

Despite this being the smallest bundle, it gives someone who is looking to dial in their putting in a pretty complete experience.

PuttOut Academy Studio


RRP: £149 Includes: Medium Mat, Premium PuttOut Trainer and Mirror and Gate Set

This is an updated version of the Home Putting Studio we reviewed last year. The Medium Mat has stayed, but the brand new Premium PuttOut Trainer and mirror and gate set have been added too.

Versus the Travel Studio, you get the added mirror and gate set as well the slightly wider 8ft Medium Mat.

The mirror and gate set is excellent, giving you instant feedback on putts you may have pushed or pulled.

Combining the mirror, gates and PuttOut Trainer creates an excellent area to practice a number of drills.

Whether you're looking to work on pace control, stroke arc or your stance, this bundle has you covered.

PuttOut Tour Studio

PuttOut Tour Studio

RRP: £359Includes: Large Mat, Premium PuttOut Trainer, Platinum PuttOut Trainer, Mirror and Gate Set and Putting Alignment Stick Set

The final bundle is the all-you-can-eat offering from PuttOut and is ideal if you have plenty of space and are looking to set up a full home or office putting studio.

The Large Mat, as impressive and comprehensive as it is, is a little too large for our liking and we really struggled to find a place to use it effectively.

If you do have sufficient space for the 12ft x 3ft mat though you'll be in for a treat and PuttOut describe this as a 'practice area' rather than your standard putting mat.

It comes complete with alignment graphics and five independent targets which kept the practice interesting and fresh rather than hitting the same putt over and over again.

Along with the size of the mat, we're also not sure it needs the two PuttOut Trainers you get in this bundle.

Without a doubt, the Platinum Putt Out Trainer is a thing of beauty, and the premium metal materials, copper finishes and carry case are aesthetically lovely.

The finish and materials of the Platinum trainer are impressive, but is it a necessary addition?

However, for us, this bundle only needs the one trainer and the Premium Trainer does exactly the same job - at no point did we use the Tour Studio with both PuttOut Trainers at once.

The best addition to this bundle is the Putting Plane Alignment Sticks which is fully adjustable to suit any putting stroke.

They're easy to set up and there are a seemingly infinite ways to set these up to hammer home some key putting drills.

We especially enjoyed using them with the gates to make sure our putting stroke wasn't creeping out of line.

Overall, all three bundles cover everything a good home putting studio needs to help you become and even better putter on the greens.

The only decision you'd need to make is which bundle is best for you.

For us, the Academy Studio is the best option considering price and everything you get with it - we loved practicing with this.

The space you have to fill will ultimately define which bundle is best for you but whichever you go for, you'll find a complete and comprehensive putting experience.

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