PuttOUT Mirror Trainer With Gate Review

What should you expect from the excellent PuttOUT Mirror Trainer With Gate?

PuttOUT Mirror Trainer With Gate Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

A portable and highly versatile training aid. Paired with the right putting mat or used outdoors, this should see golfers be able to develop some real consistency in the putting stroke. The ease in which the mirror scratches is the only thing that lets it down.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Super portable

  • +

    Can be used indoors or outdoors

  • +

    Decent number of drills to practice

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Mirror scratches fairly easily

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PuttOUT Mirror Trainer With Gate Review

PuttOUT is one of the leading brands when it comes to putting training aids and putting mats in golf. Whether it's the PuttOUT Home Studio (opens in new tab) or the cleverly designed Premium Pressure Putt Trainer (opens in new tab), the brand has been making some of the best putting mats (opens in new tab) and best putting training aids (opens in new tab) for a while now.

So comes this Mirror Trainer with Gate package - a fairy simple and compact training aid that aims to help golfers with alignment, consistency of strike and putting path. From the outset, we loved how truly portable this is. It comes with a small travel bag and allows you to easily carry it in your golf bag should you want to take it to the club for an outdoor practice. 

PuttOUT Mirror and gate set in practice

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The rubber dimples on the bottom of the mirror further enhance this experience of using this outdoors, and the mirror can sit firmly on pretty much any sort of surface. Alongside the mirror you get two magnetic guides and a 50mm putting gate. The magnetic guides are well built and sturdy and allow you to customise your putting practice and can be used for pretty much anything. We primarily used them as a means of checking our stroke remained on an even path for the entirety of our impact with the ball. 

Coupling the magnets with the gate makes for a fairly compelling drill, and using this regularly enough should give you the muscle memory to start the ball consistently online with a square putter face. 

The scratches on the PuttOut mirror

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We also primarily used this on one of PuttOut's excellent putting mats as part of the Academy Studio (opens in new tab). We'd highly recommend using this mirror with any sort of putting mat so you get good feedback on the quality of your putting. 

It's a well built training aid all in all, but unfortunately, despite the scratch-proof claim on the PuttOUT website, this mirror does scuff up fairly easily. Whether it's from the two magnetic guides or the putter head scuffing up against the mirror, a few months with this mirror saw it scratch up a fair amount. The scratches don't take too much away from the overall experience, but it's frustrating. Overall though, it's a very useful training aid that will help golfers of any level improve the consistency of thier putting stroke over time. 

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