Best Golf Trophies To Buy

We select some of the best golf trophies to buy for a golf day or for lads or lassies trip from the sensible to the silly to the little bit different….

best golf trophies to buy
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The Best Golf Trophies To Buy For Your Golf Day Or Golf Society

We choose some of the best golf trophies to buy whether you are looking for that impressive trophy which will be displayed for ever in a prominent place by the lucky winner, and passed on down the generations as a family heirloom, or whether you just want a bit of daftness to round off the prizegiving at your golf day. (If you are looking for a lot of daftness to round off your golf day, maybe check out  these Funny Golf Gifts.)

If you are looking for items as well as trophies for your golf day, then head over to our Best Gifts For A Golf Day selection.

Golf Supreme14 Pewter Golfer Cup - best golf trophies to buy

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Golf Supreme14 Pewter Golfer Cup

This rather splendid-looking trophy has a passing resemblance to the Ryder Cup in terms of design to our eyes. Admittedly it is silver not gold in colour, and at 14 inches it is three inches shorter than the trophy Samuel Ryder donated. But even so, this would be some statement to have on your mantelpiece, or left casually on the hall table so all you visitors cannot but help notice it. All you have to do is win it first.

best golf trophies - your own claret jug

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Engraved Classic Nickel Plated Claret Jug Golf Golfer Award

If we thought the last one looked like the Ryder Cup – okay, maybe it is in the eye of the beholder – this one we are confident you will agree looks like the Claret Jug awarded to the winner of The Open Championship. If you buy one of these for your society day it won’t be quite as prestigious a trophy to win, but it will still look imposingly magnificent when given pride of place in your home. They come in three different heights – 9.5 inches, 12 inches and 14 inches – so if you society has the funds for it, you could have a first, second and third prizes, perhaps for your season-long order of merit, if you have such a thing. You can get them engraved on the body of the claret jug with up to three lines of text of 25 characters per line.

Vibe Trophy

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Vibe Golf Trophy

Okay, the last trophy in our selection was a bit derivative we admit that, and maybe you don’t want a trophy looking like one that Colin Morikawa has in his attic or wherever, or that Peter Thomson had taken home five times and well that Tom Dick and Harry – or Mr Watson, Burton and Vardon if you are being formal – has. You want something more distinctive? Well we are pretty sure Young Tom Morris – or Old Tom Morris for that matter – or Tiger Woods and the rest of them has never won one of these trophies. It comes with free engraving of up to 45 letters.

Male and female golf trophies

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Lightweight Quality Putter Trophy

This is handy if you have separate men’s and women’s competitions, as the trophy comes in tow versions one with a male golfer on top, the other with a women putting at the top. It also comes in four sizes – 13, 14, 15 and 16 inches tall. This is marketed as a budget trophy, which translates as ‘it is made of plastic’. However it looks great with its striking design and stuck up on a shelf somewhere or behind a display cabinet it will be hard to tell what it is made of. The weighted plastic base has a spot for an engraved plate, with three lines of free engraving.

longest drive golf trophy

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Womack Graphics 4.25" Golf Longest Drive Award Trophy

This amusing little feller is making it quite clear what this award is for. You can choose, for free, to add an engraved plaque with two lines of text on it with up to 25 characters in each row. (There is also a nearest the pin award in similar style from the same company, but it isn’t quite as fun.) 

best golf trophies to buy - six pack

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6 Pack Classic Golf Pack 4 Trophies & 2 Medals

One way to send lots of people home happy from the prizegiving is to give lots of prizes. This is a one stop shop for all your needs. Not only can you have first, second and third prizes, but also a nearest the pin and a longest drive medal. Plus there is a jokey prize to present to the biggest bandit in your gathering. All these plastic prizes can be engraved, with two rows of text of up to 25 characters each. The trophies can have six different sets of wordings.

best golf trophies for a women's competition

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Golf Female V Series Resin Trophy

Most golfers depicted on golf trophies are men, so we liked this one as it is suitable for a prize for a women’s competition. This poly-resin award is 5 inches tall and comes with an engraved plate to attach to the front of the base of the trophy. You can have three lines of text on the plate. Or you can leave it as it is and let the V for Victory speak for itself - but we think it is more fun to have at least the competition name added.

best golf trophies happy looking chap trophy

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Winner Novelty Comic Golf Trophies

We can only hope that the winner of this trophy is as overjoyed at receiving it as the chap depicted as winning a trophy in this trophy. This resin award is 146mm tall and comes with plate with your required text engraved on it for free. If you think this prize might look a bit, well odd or out of place in your trophy cabinet, just have a look at some of the weird and wonderful golf trophies that get awarded on tour.

best golf trophies

(Image credit: Etch Workz)

Silver Tone Sculpture Comic Golf Resin Trophy

We are not quite sure how this chap manages to hit the ball, or indeed where he got his golf equipment from – we can recommend some excellent new golf clubs for him. However he might be a hard chap to custom fit – he is only 5.5 inches tall.

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