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Are you in the market for a new putter?

Putters are a personal choice, with lots of golfers choosing their desired flat stick for performance issues and many opting for feel and looks.

Holing putts is all about confidence after all, so it's crucial to use something that you like the look of.

Many golfers have numerous putters at home and it is one of the rare parts of the bag where people do enjoy collecting clubs.

Have a bad round on the greens? It's okay, just switch out your putter for another one in your collection.

A switch on the greens could turn your confidence around and help you hole more putts.

When it comes to putters, there are two options - mallets and blades.

Mallet putters are larger and offer up a higher MOI for forgiveness on those off-centre hits.

Blades are less forgiving and are usually built with a toe-hang, meaning that they tend to suit golfers with a more pronounced arc to the stroke.

Blade putters also tend to offer a better feel, too.

Many mallets are face-balanced so suit a more straight-back-and-through stroke.

They're also more suited to higher handicaps and beginners who don't always strike the ball out of the middle of putter face.

The best putters on the market are all built with incredible technologies in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs, utilising different forms of alignment aids from lines to arrows and dots.

Check below for the best prices on some of the best mallets and best blade putters...

Blade Putter Deals

Mallet Putter Deals

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