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10 Things To Improve Your Golf In 2021

10 Things That Will Change Your Game In 2021 Whether you are looking to shoot better scores or simply aiming to get more enjoyment from the game, new gear can…

What Does CG Mean In Golf

A phrase often used by equipment manufacturers, we explain what CG actually means here.

What Does CT Mean

CT has shot to prominence of late with many drivers on Tour being non conforming. We explain what it means here.

What Does COR Mean

A phrase that has become a common one in golf, we explain the exact meaning here.

What Does MOI Mean In Golf

It is an acronym common in the world of golf, but what exactly does it mean? We take a look

What are the right 14 clubs for you?

How often do you scrutinise your own game? Do you ever take a moment to look back on a round and think about where your successes and failures have come…

Launch Monitors: what do the numbers mean?

Launch Monitors: What do the numbers mean? Backspin We have placed this at the top of our list because backspin is one of the most important numbers in modern-day club…