Neil Tappin

Digital Editor

7 Easiest Golf Gear Upgrades Let’s face it, no matter how you play, the 2021 golf season is likely to be one of the best ever. Having spent so much…

stop blocking drives

How To Stop Blocking Drives This can be one of the most debilitating faults in the game costing you plenty of shots and lost balls! Here we are going to…

How to build the right 14-club set

How to build the right 14-club set 7 Gapping This is one of your most important considerations. The basic rule here is to ensure you have even distance gaps through…

Golf Rules: Lost Ball

How do you proceed if you think your ball might be lost on the course?

Hitting fat golf shots

Hitting fat golf shots? Here’s how to fix it! Hitting fat golf shots is one of the most frustrating faults in the game. It doesn’t matter how forgiving your irons…

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Our verdict on one of two new drivers from Mizuno in 2021

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The Champkey Golf Mat could be a handy accessory for golfers looking to practice at home - Neil Tappin put it to the test!

Golf Rules Explained: Provisional Ball

In this exclusive rules feature we look at the procedure for playing a provisional ball. Just what should and shouldn't you be doing?

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Our verdict on the new ST-X driver from Mizuno

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Our verdict on four of the new Apex iron models from Callaway for 2021