LIV Golf Las Vegas Champion Dustin Johnson Revealed One Key Area That Could Drastically Improve Your Ball Striking... And Anyone Can Do It

The three-time LIV Golf winner shared a great tip to help you strike it better with more consistency...

LIV Golf Las Vegas Champion Dustin Johnson with the trophy and hitting a tee shot
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Throughout his career, Dustin Johnson has been considered one of the best ball strikers in world golf, and his recent success in LIV Golf events suggests that is certainly still the case.

He ranked in the top-10 for driving distance and greens in regulation at Las Vegas Country Club, demonstrating once again his ability to crush it with the driver and utilise laser-precise irons on approach to the green.

DJ won his third LIV Golf title in as many years when taking the 2024 LIV Golf Las Vegas trophy, and his brilliant ball-striking tip could help you level-up your game...

Dustin Johnson's Ball Striking Tip: Knee Flex

In an attempt to make a long backswing and store up as much power as possible, you can over-rotate and strengthen your right knee. The result is a reverse pivot, which places the majority of weight on your left side at the top of the swing. This mistake also causes the club to swing back longer than you need, making it extremely difficult to square the clubface at impact.

LIV Golf Las Vegas Winner Dustin Johnson hitting a tee shot

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You need to shorten your swing and correct your weight shift in order to create more power with your driver. To do so, work on maintaining a slight knee bend in your right knee all the way from address to the top of your swing.

As you take your club to the top, let your body weight shift to your right heel so you feel athletic and loaded with energy. You’ll find that your swing feels a little shorter than normal, but this is a good thing. In reality, all you’re doing is getting rid of an artificially long backswing that was actually sapping the power from your swing.

Dustin Johnson golf swing

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