Henrik Stenson Golf Swing Analysis

Henrik Stenson is undoubtedly one of the game’s finest ball strikers, here we take a look at his golf swing.

The Swede won his maiden major championship in 2016 at the Open Championship, outlasting Phil Mickelson in a battle that will go down in history as one of the greatest.

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Stenson has won 11 European Tour titles and has six PGA Tour victories.

His golf game is famous for his ability to hit his 3 wood from both the tee and deck with such power and accuracy.

Some may also know that he doesn’t actually look at the ball during impact.

henrik stenson golf swing

His head is the focus of this frame, taken from the video at the top of the page.

His head movement in his downswing and during impact allows him to make a full body rotation, and the combination of that rotation along with the fact that his sternum stays perfectly over the ball means that he can strike the ball perfectly time after time.

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Stenson ranked 6th in Greens in Regulation on the European Tour in 2017 with 73.3% of GIR hit.

Below we take a look at his impact position with the driver.

henrik stenson golf swing

The Swede doesn’t use the driver often, simply because his 3 wood is so effective, but that doesn’t mean his driver swing isn’t up to scratch.

As you can see here and in the video at the top of the page, his head rotates through impact to aide body rotation but his upper body doesn’t lift up or dip down.

This allows his club to consistently bottom out in the same place for perfect strikes time and time again.

henrik stenson golf swing analysis

The Swede gets the club in a perfectly neutral position at the top of the swing and his elbow is nicely tucked to keep his club moving on a good plane.

There is plenty of knee flex seen which helps the quality of rotation and aides the power he can generate. This also helps him retain his posture, another sign of a great ball striker.