PowerBug has ventured into new territory with its latest electric trolley, which includes a revolutionary UV sensor among a host of features.

Available in both lithium (£599) and standard battery (£350) versions, the UltraV electric trolley has a UV sensor built into the display handle (seen below), as well as a clock, round-timer and a distance-measuring feature.

Powerbug UltraV

The Powerbug UltraV’s display

The use of an aircraft-grade tubular aluminium frame makes it light and robust, while its simple folding mechanism allows for easy assembly and breakdown, fitting neatly into an 88 x 59 x 31cm space when folded.

An anti-rotation bag support stops any annoyingly twisting on the trolley, while five preset distances from 10 to 50 yards and wider tyres mean you can send the Powerbug UltraV down the fairway with no worries.

The non-lithium battery will last for 18 holes, while the compact lithium battery will be good for 27.

The Powerbug UltraV is available in either black or white, and comes with an industry-leading five-year warranty on both trolley and lithium battery, while the standard battery has a 12-month warranty.

Powerbug UltraV electric trolley video review

Want to know more about the new Powerbug UltraV electric trolley? Then watch Golf Monthly editor Michael Harris’ review video below.