Motocaddy has launched its first remote control model, the Motocaddy S7 Remote, which will boast one of the most sophisticated guidance systems on the trolley market.

The S7 Remote takes the trusted frame design from the Motocaddy S-Series range and introduces a dual pressure remote control system that lets you alter how much the trolley turns by pushing the handset’s buttons firmer and more softly.

motocaddy s7 remote

The remote control of the new S7 Remote trolley

As well as the dual pressure steering, you can also control the trolley’s forward and reverse speed by holding down the respective buttons on the remote.

So it doesn’t annoyingly tip over, the Motocaddy S7 Remote has two motors that help compensate on slopes, and a rear stabilising wheel.

A fully rotating front wheel also helps the trolley travel smoothly without additional guidance, while a 50-metre cut-out function keeps it within range.

motocaddy s7 remote

The fully rotating front wheel aids contactless steering

It is also easy to switch between the remote function and manual control mode, while a hibernation setting brings the trolley to a halt if you don’t touch the remote for more than 45 seconds.

In addition to the remote control features, the S7 Remote also includes a USB charging port, a speed indicator and battery metre, just like on the popular Motocaddy M3 Pro trolley.

Motocaddy’s popular Quikfold and Easilock designs also return, so you can unfold the trolley in as little as five seconds, while the pin-and-hole locking system removes the need for a lower bag strap and stops your bag rotating and falling off during play.

motocaddy s7 remote

The Quikfold system helps it fold to a tiny size very quickly

The Motocaddy S7 Remote will retail at £799.99 with an 18 hole Lithium battery, and will be available from Spring 2015 in black and alpine colour options.