The Motocaddy M3 PRO is a trolley that features all of the extras you would hope for while folding down to an impressively compact size. The build quality and styling is excellent.

Product Overview

Motocaddy M3 Pro electric trolley


  • The Motocaddy M3 PRO is whole lot of trolley packed into a compact size when folded. Comfortable in the hand and with lots of useful extras, this is clearly a trolley designed by golfers. Styling is a world away from trolleys of a few years ago.


  • Even when you’re used to the unique folding system it will take longer than others, particularly compared to the QUIKFOLD system on the Motocaddy S models. This is a small price to pay if storage space is a main concern.


Motocaddy M3 PRO electric trolley review


Price as reviewed:

£449.00 (Battery options 18-hole Lead-acid £449, 18-hole Lithium £599, 36-hole Lithium £650)

Clubhouse Golf

The Motocaddy M3 PRO frame folds down 40 per cent smaller than the Motocaddy S-Series. The height of the handle can be adjusted to suit golfers of all heights. An accessories station is combined with a USB charging port, which can charge a GPS device or phone. The clever EASILOCK bag support means that Motocaddy bags are held without the need for a lower bag strap.

Motocaddy M3 Pro trolley folded in a car boot

Motocaddy M3 Pro trolley folded in a car boot

The M3 PRO is well thought out, features plenty of gadgetry, has modern styling, and all in one of the most compact packages on the market. You won’t mind how long it takes to fold if space and quality are a priority. If the speed of getting the trolley up and down is more important then take a look at the S3 Pro model. Either way you will find a well thought out trolley clearly designed with the golfers needs in mind. The controls are easy to use and, combined with the excellent handle, feel comfortable in the hand.


A clever design, ideal for those who want a top peformer but have a compact boot or lack of storage space. The trolley really comes into its own when combined with a Lithium battery.