FootJoy FreeStyle Golf Shoes Unveiled

The new FootJoy Freestyle golf shoes have been revealed

FootJoy FreeStyle golf shoes
The new FootJoy FreeStyle golf shoes

The new FootJoy Freestyle golf shoes have been revealed, and the flexible and colourful cleated option is arguably one of FootJoy's most striking launches to date

Over the last few years FootJoy’s sportier shoe offerings, like the M:Project, have moved further and further away from its traditional styles, and the new FootJoy Freestyle golf shoes signal its boldest leap yet.

The radical new FootJoy Freestyle golf shoes centre on providing maximum freedom of movement to help you swing more dynamically, without sacrificing any underfoot grip.

It achieves the latter thanks to an outsole that was inspired by the anatomy of the Red-Eyed Tree Frog, which can generate incredible grip thanks to its toe pads that are equipped with elongated cells on the edges and channels in between that allow excess water to drain away.

As FootJoy’s product manager Mike Foley explained to GM: “We found through extensive research that these grip properties could be emulated in the texture and functional design elements of an outsole unit.

“It’s all about the relationship between the gripping texture and the ability to maintain ground contact points throughout the golf swing.”

FootJoy FreeStyle golf shoes sole

The flexible outsoles of the new FootJoy FreeStyle golf shoes

As you can see above, these traction elements include a super-flexible new SoftMax translucent outsole that houses a Softspikes Tour Lock system and new translucent Pulsar cleats, which together deliver dynamic traction with frog-like flex.

The lack of an internal shank also encourages maximum freedom of movement, and overall this helps you generate additional power from the ground as your feet can move more freely.

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The FreeStyle’s natural movement and cushioning is further enhanced by a new midsole compound and design that offers greater torsional flexibility.

Between the eye-catching upper and innovative sole sits an InnerSok Fit System that includes both TongueLok and HeelLok mechanisms that help hold the foot securely in place. This means while your feet can roll and use the ground powerfully, they wont slip up and down causing blisters and discomfort as you play and walk.

FootJoy Freestyle golf shoes details

The FootJoy FreeStyle golf shoes will come in five colourways, each with a one-year waterproof warranty, and will cost £135 for the laced version and £150 with the BOA closure system.

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