Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver Tech Explained

How has this driver been made faster?
“It’s designed more like an airplane wing. We’ve raised the crown and tail end and softened the front edges but then we’ve added a titanium body part low in the rear which keeps the CG low for added launch and ball speed with low spin.”

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How does this new CNC Milled Face compare to TaylorMade’s Twist Face?
“CNC Milling allows us to control thickness and curvature and now we’re controlling it for different golfer types. So the 12° loft driver, typically used by slower clubhead speeds, has more loft in the lower portion of the face to keep the ball airborne, whereas the the 9° used by faster swingers has less loft. Twist Face is valid, great minds think alike, but it isn’t consistent from driver to driver because it is hand polished. Our drivers are also not as open in the toe section because our testing shows most golfers hit the ball there with open faces. We’re also correcting ours with a tilted bulge and roll while Twist Face is very straight.”

Why is there no F9+ version this time around for the better player?
“All the drivers are 460cc and have the shape of the LTD driver from a few years ago. With the moveable weight the driver can perform very differently, just by switching the 2g and 14g weights you can adjust the spin by up to 500rpm. There are also 6g, 10g and 18g weights available for those keen golfers who go through the fitting process. For the better player this driver also comes in a tour length, where the shaft is one inch shorter than standard and we put two heavy weights in the slots. It makes the driver very forgiving and more centred in hit because it’s shorter, it’s a good option for golfers that want to find more fairways.”