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TaylorMade Twist Face Explained

Twist Face is arguably the headline innovation on both the new TaylorMade M3 and M4 drivers.

What is Twist Face?

It represents a change in traditional driver design, specifically the bulge and roll properties of the clubface. Bulge and roll refers to the curvature of the face in both the heel-to-toe and top-to-bottom direction, helping to reduce the effect of off-centre shots through the gear effect.

TaylorMade Twist-Face

Mishits tend to occur in a pattern that stretches from low heel on the face to high toe. TaylorMade claims to have discovered through human testing that its previous face design didn’t go far enough to help mishits from these areas return to the centre of the fairway.

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As a result, in the high toe area TaylorMade has added loft and opened the clubface to counteract the discovery that on these type of shots, the clubface tends to be more closed to the path than previously thought.

On heel strikes, the clubface tends to be more open to the path, so TaylorMade has reduced the loft and closed the face slightly to stop shots missing to the right.

These changes should also make the levels of spin from the sweetspot compared to the heel and toe strikes more consistent, thus reducing the loss of distance experienced on mishits.

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We’ve tested both the M3 and M4 drivers and while they were both very forgiving clubheads, it is impossible to measure the effectiveness of Twist Face because there are so many factors that influence the ball’s speed and direction.

Not only would you have to hit the same point on the face every time of the M3 or M4 and another driver that didn’t have Twist Face, but you would then have to deliver the club in exactly the same way – with the same speed, attack angle, face angle, dynamic loft etc, to accurately compare them.

This is not to say Twist Face doesn’t work. We’d recommend you try them out on the course to see if you find more fairways. When you factor in the extra adjustability of the M3 model, we’re confident you will be able to dial in a very specific shape while adding some ball speed and distance to your drives.