Cheap Vs Expensive Putter Test – Inesis Vs Scotty Cameron


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Cheap Vs Expensive Putter Test – Inesis Vs Scotty Cameron

In the video above, GM Editor Mike Harris pits the premium £399 Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 putter up against the £14.99 Inesis 100 Mallet bought from Decathlon.

We see plenty of comments on our gear reviews that golf equipment is too expensive and stops people getting into the game, but a putter for just £15 shows that perhaps it actually isn’t.

A £15 putter might be ridiculously cheap – but is it actually any good?

Watch our video test above.

We tested in three different categories on short, medium and long range putts.


The Scotty is a thing of beauty. A lovely design, a mix of aluminium and stainless steel to give it a great feel.

The Inesis is made out of zinc alloy and we could quickly tell that it is a lot lighter than the Scotty Cameron.

Short Range Test

We did a very non-scientific test to see how many consecutive putts we could hole with each on a dead-straight 3 1/2 footer up the hill.

The Inesis actually won this test, holing 10 in a row with the Scotty holing seven consecutive putts.

The Insesis 100 Mallet

The Inesis 100 Mallet felt quite tinny and significantly lighter than the Scotty, which felt much smoother with a lovely feel and sound.

However, the proof is in the numbers and the Inesis did the job for its modest price tag.

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Medium Range Test

We managed to hole one more putt from 12ft with the Scotty Cameron and felt like we had a little bit more control with it.

However, the results were very similar.

Long Range Test

We didn’t notice much difference here either apart from the difference in feel between the models.

The Scotty feels very balanced with a lovely feel off the face whilst the Inesis sort of ‘pinged’ off the face.


Cheap Vs Expensive Putter Test

The Inesis won the short range test but you’d probably say the Scotty won the medium and long range putts.

However, saying that, the results were close.

The Inesis 100 Mallet performed incredibly well for just £15.

It really is an entry level putter, perfect if you’re just getting into the game or you’re on a budget – this does the job.

Yes it feels lightweight, sounds a bit tinny, by contrast the Scotty Cameron is beautiful balanced, looks absolutely stunning and comes with a wonderful premium headcover too.

Scotty Cameron is all about great performance and beautiful aesthetics, and would be a great club to have in your bag.

Cheap Vs Expensive Putter Test

But for £385 less you can get a putter that does the job.

If you are starting out in golf or are on a budget, you definitely don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on your flat stick.

Would you be happy playing with a £15 putter? Would you consider investing £400 in a putter? Let us know on social media