Hopefully Alex Elliott’s video (above) will help you improve the way your downswing works. However, if you need more help we have also asked Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Clive Tucker for his over the top golf swing drill which is very simple and well worth a try.

Over the top golf swing drill

Coming over the top is the number one cause of a slice. When this happens you tend to reach the top of the backswing and then your upper body becomes too active, your right shoulder initiates the rotation in the downswing and the club is sent outside the ball-to-target line. From here, all you can do is cut across the ball through impact producing that weak left-to-right ball flight. This also explains why slices and pulls are linked as if the clubface is square to the path, you’ll hit a pull where the ball starts left and stays there. If you have been asking why do I pull iron shots – this explains it! Either way, you need to resolve the problem if you want to play better golf.

Fix your slice

It’s one of the most common faults in golf and this drill is a great one to try if you struggle with this.

Take your normal address position without a ball and take your left hand off the club. Let it hang down in directly under your sternum, with your hand next to the grip of the club. Swing to the top, keeping your left hand in the same position it was in at the start. Now swing down trying to keep your left hand still – if you come over the top, that left hand will want to move towards the target. You should be able to release the club under your left hand and if you do your right should should stay behind the ball as you start down…

Repeating this move will make your golf swing far less ‘right sided’. Coming over the top is a natural move for many right handers as that’s where the strength in your body lies. However, it is essential that you let your hands drop before rotating through. The trigger for the downswing lies with your left hip. As you start down, your left hip should ‘bump’ towards the target a fraction. this provides the room for your hands to drop before the rotation back towards the ball begins. Whether you decide to think about the move in such a technical way, it is important that your right shoulder stays back and does not lead the downswing – this is where the over teh top motion comes from.

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Once you get the feel for the right move, repeat the drill regularly to groove a better downswing motion. Repetition is the key to adding this to your technique and finally fixing your slice for good. This over the top golf swing drill works really well to force you to start the downswing by dropping the club onto a much better path.