Try this simple tips to fix your slice if you struggle with either a slice or a pull
and you lack distance, especially off the tee.

It is important for every golfer no matter what his or her ability to understand how slices and pulls are linked. They might leave you with two different results, but they come from exactly the same place. If you’ve been hitting the odd slice, it’s a natural reaction to aim further left but this will only exaggerate the problem.

The further left you aim, the more the club will attack the ball from outside the ball-to-target line. If you make a good release, you’ll hit a pull, if you don’t release the club fully, you’ll hit a big slice. It’s all a simple result of a destructive out-to-in swing path and explains how slices and pulls are linked.

So if you want to improve you must commit to aiming your body square to your target line in the address position. It really is essential.

From here, make a full body rotation to reach the top of the backswing and then try to attack the ball from inside the target line. Make a full release by rotating your wrists as your strike the ball. This might feel strange at first and you might get the timing of this move wrong but stick with it as it is the only way to fix your slice. Once you groove this move you’ll turn your slice or pull into a gentle draw that finds the fairway.

Top tips

  • Commit to aiming your body square to your target line
  • Try to attack the ball from inside the target line
  • Make a full release and you’ll turn your current slice or pull into a baby draw

Once you master the draw, you should find yourself gaining yards off the tee, as a right-to-left ball flight is distance inducing.

You’ll also find that this new shape works better into the prevailining wind. A fade or slice has more backspin than a draw, and so will tend to balloon more, causing a great loss of distance.

The draw will also give you more roll in the Summer months due to the added topspin that the right to left shape imparts on the ball.

The fact you’ll be hitting shorter irons into greens, should then help you hit it closer more often and make more birdies.