What Putter Does Brooks Koepka Use?

A look at the flatstick used by three-time American Major winner Brooks Koepka.

What Putter Does Brooks Koepka Use?
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What Putter Does Brooks Koepka Use?

A four-time Major winner, one of the most consistent parts Brooks Koepka's bag (opens in new tab) setup has been his putter, a blade design made by Scotty Cameron. Even when he signed with Srixon, the part of his bag that remained was his putter, showing just how confident he is in the club. Let's take a look at the model below...

What Putter Does Brooks Koepka Use?

Koepka continues to use his Scotty Cameron Teryllium Tour Newport 2 putter. Having previously used a Scotty Cameron T10 Newport 2 putter, Koepka changed at the start of 2020 and hasn't really moved away from the Teryllium model since. 

According to Koepka, the change in grip was a big factor as to why. He added a new SuperStroke Traxion PistolGT 2.0 grip that replaced the standard Scotty Cameron pistol grip found on his T10 Newport 2. “We just changed the grip, but technically it is a new putter,” Koepka told Sky Sports. “Pretty much the same thing as the old one, just for the grip change.”

Technically the T10 and newer model are the same thing, the main difference is the silicone dots found in the cavity of the Teryllium model, whilst the T10 features three visible screws in the back cavity that secure the insert.

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Unfortunately we have not been able to review the putter but we have tested the Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2. A fine putter, some of the best players in the world have used the Newport 2 design in the past. That being said these models are rarely available to the public as they are Tour only, but every new range of Scotty Cameron blade putters includes a Newport because of the overall popularity and performance. 

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