Peter Alliss reaches new Masters Milestone as BBC's 'Voice of Golf' celebrates 50 years commentating at Augusta

Peter Alliss Reaches New Masters Milestone

He may divide opinion when it comes to his style of commentary and often-controversial comments, but watching the Masters on the BBC will not be the same when he decides to walk away. Whatever your opinion, to reach 50 years commentating at Augusta is one very special achievement; it’s an extraordinary milestone. We won’t hear of his like again.

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As a player, Alliss struggled at Augusta. He shot 76-84 on his debut in 1966 and 12 months later an 80 followed by a 77 – missing the cut on both occasions. By the time he was 38 he’d decided enough was enough and called it a day.

And so began a career in the commentary booth. From 1968, he has attended every Masters and he became the BBC’s lead commentator in 1978. Along the way there have been some controversial moments, probably too many to revisit.

Just last year, as Sergio Garcia celebrated winning the Masters and with his then fiancé in shot, Alliss could be heard saying she had “the shortest skirt on the campus,” which led to the BBC releasing a short statement outlining he wasn’t aware at the time his microphone was live, describing the comment as “lighthearted”.

At the 2015 Open Championship he landed himself in hot water on two occasions; once for his comments about Paul Dunne liking older women after the Irishman was seen hugging his Mum, and again when he said, “She is probably thinking – ‘if this goes in I get a new kitchen sink,'” with reference to Kim Barclay watching on as her husband, Zack Johnson, putted for the Claret Jug.

Peter Alliss Reaches New Masters Milestone

Hazel Irvine and Peter Alliss working for the BBC during the Ricoh Women’s British Open [Getty Images]

Controversy aside, the BBC has stuck by the man who has a huge number of fans and who’s love of golf is undeniable. He may have fallen foul of the PC-brigade on more than a few occasions, but his 50 years in the commentary box is commendable. What words of wisdom will he have for us during the conclusion of this year’s Masters.