Find out why the European Team were wearing cheeseheads during their practice round on Wednesday.


Why Were Team Europe Wearing Cheese Heads At The Ryder Cup?

Like any Ryder Cup, home support can play a huge part in the outcome of the event.

At Whistling Straits, the crowd will obviously be in favour of Team USA but, on Wednesday, that didn’t stop the Europeans from trying to gain some support.

Ahead of their practice rounds in Wisconsin, members of the squad wore the team colours of the Green Bay Packers, a team who are based just an hour or so away from the course, as well as cheeshead’s, the nickname for Packers fans.

Throwing ‘cheesehead’ souvenirs into the crowd, European captain, Padraig Harrington explained the move was there to provide fun for the crowds and to show their appreciation for the Wisconsin fans.

“When we were doing the clothing with Loro Piana, they were talking about maybe bringing some Irish colours in for me,” said Harrington.

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“I’m not really into that sort of stuff, so I came up with why don’t we do something with Wisconsin. Obviously the Green Bay Packers fit both the Irish and the Green Bay Packers, and then the cheeseheads came in and we had a bit of fun with it.

“It’s light-hearted. You want it that way in practice. It’s somewhat respectful of obviously the Green Bay Packers, and they were very much on board with this, so a bit of fun and we got a nice reception with it. That’s kind of what you want on the practice days.

“Obviously business starts on Friday, but at the moment the players are enjoying it and having a good time of it.

“Everybody is out here to get on well with the crowds. There’s no doubt about that. We obviously can’t sign autographs this week with Covid, which is something that traditionally we would do.

Ryder Cup Cheeseheads

Captain Harrington hands out a signed cheese head. (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

“So these fans have come out and they’ve come out on a cold day. They’ve come out to watch us, and we want to give them something to watch. The Wisconsin fans are very appreciative, so we want to show our appreciation back.

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“We think the colours turned out nice. We think the outfit looks really good, and I think the players are pretty stoked out there that they’re doing something to show their respect for the local state we’re in.”