Your choice of golf shoe has never been more varied than it is now. On the whole designs have become lighter and more comfortable than ever before, with a number of technologies and design aspects now offering you features like increased stability, indoor versatility and of course, plenty of style.

Golf shoe buyers guide

Spiked or Spikeless?

Just five or so years ago this wouldn’t have been a decision you’d even have to consider, but now every major brand offers some sort of spikeless golf shoe. The advantages of going spike-free include a saving in weight, and a gain in comfort and versatility. The style options also vary from lightweight summer shoes, to models you can wear straight from the office to the first tee.


The stability of a shoe is also an area that has changed considerably in recent years. Some designs follow the more traditional thinking of holding the foot in place and offering support, while others let your feet move more freely when swinging and walking. There isn’t a right answer to the best design, instead there is a type of shoe to suit your preferences, body type and swing. For example those with fast swing speeds or larger golfers will benefit from having as much support and stability as possible, while those who have suffered from ankle and lower leg issues could benefit from the shoes that provide more freedom of movement.


Clearly the lighter a shoe is the more comfortable it will be, the benefits of which will be particularly clear if you are playing a lot of golf. All of the major shoe brands now offer incredibly lightweight designs. The key to picking the right model though is taking all of the above into account as well as the overall weight. If you need a shoe with more stability or rain beating performance then the lightest shoe on the market won’t necessarily be the one for you.


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