In this TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter review, Joel Tadman tests the new model out on the course to assess the looks and performance

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TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter


  • Very easy to align, feel solid and stable and therefore should help you become more consistent from long range. Toe-hanging options to make the transition from a blade easier.


  • Firm feel might not marry overly well with a firmer-feeling golf ball.


TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter


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TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter Review

For golfers that like the visuals and forgiveness of the Spider X but want something a little smaller and more blade-like in terms of feel, the new Spider FCG could well be the ideal alternative. You can read more about the technology here.


It has a smaller, slightly more rounded profile than the Spider X but is arguably easier to aim thanks to the T-shape alignment system. It’s really effective in helping setting the face square, using both the long sightline and contrasting white strip parallel to the leading edge in tandem.


The new Spider FCG (left) versus the Spider X putter at address


The front weighting of the Spider FCG does feel a little different to the rear weighted Spider X but the performance remained similar once you got used to the feel during your stroke.

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This putter undoubtedly has a firmer, more solid feel than the Spider X thanks in part to the heavier copper insert, closer to that of what you would experience from solid putters with no grooves on the face.


But there are grooves, angled at 45°, and they certainly help the ball to hug the ground after it leaves the face.

We putted surprisingly well with the Spider FCG, holing a surprising amound of putts from mid and long range. We found it easy to start the ball online thanks to the crown design and the distance control to be very consistent.

The thinner Super Stroke X Traxion Pistol 1.0 PT grip compliments the mid-mallet head size very well and the all-black putter shaft bolsters the premium appeal.

We tested the face-balanced single bend option, which didn’t feel much like a blade but the L-Neck and short slant versions offer progressively more toe hang to make the putter flow and release more like a blade-style putter.


We didn’t feel like the Spider FCG was quite as forgiving as Spider X but it was certainly very close and it certainly impressed from longer range. The smaller shape means it doesn’t feel cumbersome and the contrasting white and black elements on the crown help highlight alignment more vividly. A very good option for someone seeking forgiveness from a smaller head.