The Golf Monthly test team's Srixon Z155 irons review, where Action Mass Technology that places more weight in the head to boost distance and forgiveness

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Srixon Z155 irons


  • They look very easy to hit at address, feel incredibly stable and really cut through the turf


  • The long irons lack the traditional shaping of other Z-Series models


Srixon Z155 irons review


Price as reviewed:

£499.00 (steel, £549 graphite)

Clubhouse Golf

Key technology
Action Mass technology combines a larger and more forgiving head that is hotter off
the face with a lightweight, high balance point shaft to increase stability and offer more speed at impact. The same Tour V.T. Sole design seen on Srixon’s better-player Z-Series irons comprises increased leading- edge bounce and less trailing-edge bounce to reduce turf interaction time by 43 per cent. Use of a high strength steel in the faces of the 3-7 irons leads to minimal loss of ball speed on heel and toe strikes.

Shaft options

Nippon NS Pro 950GH in steel, Miyazaki Jinsoku in graphite

Will suit
Mid- to high-handicappers who want to hit their iron shots further and demand maximum forgiveness.

Z155 6 Iron Address rev

GM verdict
The oversize look of the Z 155 irons will boost the confidence of its target golfer who requires a club that looks inviting to hit at address and offers distance and forgiveness aplenty. The finish has a premium shine to it and the irons look sleek from the back, too. The stock Nippon NS Pro 950GH shaft weighs under 100g, which means you can really feel Srixon’s Action Mass technology places more weight in the head for more distance and forgiveness the weight of the head.

This was a feeling we enjoyed as it raised the awareness of the clubhead and it seemed like swing speed could be increased without any extra effort. The heads themselves also felt stable through the hit as a result. They certainly have a more pronounced sole design compared to most irons on the market and the turf interaction was clean and brisk as a result, helping reduce the effect of those marginally heavy strikes. However, the long shaft lengths may reduce control of the clubface for some players.


Lots of help to hit longer, more accurate iron shots here without sacrificing too much feel. Worth trying out if you want more distance and forgiveness from your irons