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Mizuno MX-200 & MX-100 irons review


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The new Mizuno MX-200 combines the feel of a forged iron with technology designed to offer enhanced forgiveness. The deep cavity has a reinforcement pad (known as Y-Tune) which expands the sweetspot and helps provide an extra nine yards per club than previous MX models. The y-shaped pad is situated towards the toe the area where most amateur mis-hits are made.
The MX-100 is a cast iron that also utilises an impact pad for improved feel on all manner of shots. A pocket cavity moves the centre of gravity low in the head to help produce a high-ball flight.


Unlike the new MP models there was a big difference between the MX-100 and MX-200 irons. While both clubs offered impressive forgiveness levels the MX-100s produced a significantly higher ball flight from almost any part of the face. The MX-200s inspired confidence without seeming too bulky at address and the soft forged feel is definitely noticeable next to the cast MX-100. Both sets offer plenty of forgiveness but if feel and feedback are high on your list, we reckon it's worth paying the extra money for the MX-200s. Where next? More On Test: - Mizuno MP-62 and MP-52 irons review - Mizuno MX Fli-Hi hybrid review - More iron reviews Video: - Mizuno MX-600 and MX-560 drivers review News: - Mizuno MP-62, Mizuno-52, Mizuno MX-100 and Mizuno MX-200 launched Galleries: - Mizuno irons pictures - Mizuno MX-950 blended iron pictures Blog: 'What's In My Bag'- Jeremy Ellwood