Mizuno has just launched four new iron models; Mizuno MP-62 and MP-52 irons are both forged players clubs that carry the trademark stunning Mizuno good looks. The new Mizuno MX-200 and Mizuno MX-100 irons both feature a deeper cavity for greater forgiveness.

Mizuno’s MP-62 is essentially a blade. Forged and featuring a thin top-line, these are certainly a tour product that have been produced with the best ball strikers in mind.

Mizuno’s MP-52
irons are also forged but they feature a ‘pocket cavity’ and a slightly thicker topline which should aid confidence through extra forgiveness.

The Mizuno MX-200 irons are also forged but they feature a deep cavity that should aid a consistent strike from all areas of the clubface.

Finally, the Mizuno MX-100 irons are a great value set (they will retail at £50 per club). Whilst not forged they should offer many of the same performance attributes of the MX-200’s without offering quite as much in terms of feel.

In addition to their new irons, Mizuno has also launched a hybrid, the Mizuno MX Fli-Hi. Designed as a direct long irons replacement this should offer even more forgiveness and with extra weight in the heel, it should promote a draw. The Mizino MX Fli-Hi hybrid will retail at £75 for steel and £85 for graphit


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