Mizuno, having not launched a driver in the UK for two years, are launching two later this year ? the MP-600 and MX-560.

The 460cc MP-600 (pictured) is aimed at the better player with a classic address look and neutral face angle. The most striking feature is its ?Fast Track? system that allows you to reposition two 8g weights along a slot in the rear sole, allowing for 15 different trajectory settings.

The MX-560 is designed for wider playability with a sloped crown design that boosts moment of inertia, and a head size that hits the maximum legal volume and dimensions. Face angles also become slightly more closed in the higher lofts for further help in countering any slice tendencies

GM initial verdict: Good to see Mizuno back in the driver market. The two drivers sound very different ? the MX-560 loud, yet not too tinny, and the MP-600 more solid with a bit of oomph at impact. Initial testing on the simulators at Urban Golf yielded some pretty long and straight hitting, but if your handicap is in double figures you?re probably going to find the MX-560 a slightly easier proposition.

MP-600: £269
8.5, 9.5 or 10.5 lofts
MX-560 £219
8.5, 9.5, 10.5 or 12 lofts
Exsar DS3 shaft plus other custom options in both models

Available October/November 2007 (MX-560 a little earlier than the MP-600)

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